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Hudson High School hosts Crystal Gala Prom

The newly-crowned prom royalty is presented Saturday night after the grand march. Pictured from left are King Andrew Knoke, Queen Natalia Gamboa, Princess Katie Strong, Prince Jack Berdusco, Princess Anna Thielke and Prince Nels Bentley. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia1 / 11
Andrew Knoke is crowned as prom king on Saturday night ahead of the school’s boat celebration. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia 2 / 11
Cali Steingraber, Laura Gerdts, Lauren O’Neil, Ryan Erickson, Kevin May, Rachel May, Jack Berdusco, Kaiya Sundeen, Alex Hefner and Angela Huepfel arrive at grand march as a group Saturday night. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia3 / 11
Levi Stidham and Grace Augustin arrive in style in matching ensembles at the Hudson High School grand march ahead of the prom celebration. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia4 / 11
Ellie Johnson gives her date Rex Wenger a kiss on the cheek during their walk through grand march. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia5 / 11
Natalia Gamboa is crowned as prom queen after the Hudson High School grand march on Saturday, April 21. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia 6 / 11
Lindsay Fall and Peyton Hanson strike a pose during the Hudson High School grand march on Saturday in the school auditorium. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia7 / 11
Zeke Schwarz twirls Stella Ullom as they make their entrance at the Hudson High School grand march. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia8 / 11
Brandon McClune and Madison Bohl point to the crowd during Saturday night’s grand march. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia9 / 11
Peter Erickson and Abigail Hintz donned shades as they took their turn through the HHS grand march. About 600 students attended the prom, with many making their entrance at grand march. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia10 / 11
Adele Duffee and Dillon Kelly pose during their entrance at the grand march Saturday night. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia11 / 11

About 600 Hudson High School students dressed their best for Prom 2018: Crystal Gala on Saturday, April 21.

Several students started their night at the grand march in the high school auditorium before boarding the boat for dinner, dancing, board games and more.

Following grand march, the prom royalty was crowned. Andrew Knoke was crowned king,and Natalia Gamboa was crowned queen. Jack Berdusco and Nels Bentley took the title of princes, and Katie Strong and Anna Thielke were named princesses.

Rebecca Mariscal

Rebecca Mariscal joined the Hudson Star Observer as a reporter in 2016. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in communication and journalism. 

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