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Photos: Hudson Ambassadors & North Hudson Peppers 'Light up the Night'

Both courts had a great time helping with all of the indoor activities! Here they are pictured outside the store after the event (from left): Princess Emily O’Brien, Ambassador Rachel McKenzie, Princess Carah Fitzgerald, Ambassador Maddie Zabel, Queen Carly Simones, Ambassador Madi Buldra, Princess Joy Rambo, Ambassador Kennedy Brown and King Kevin Baier. Photo courtesy of Tammy McKenzie 1 / 2
The Hudson Ambassadors are pictured with one of the owners of the Grand Fête (from left) Ambassador Maddie Zabel, Ambassador Rachel McKenzie, Lynn Ulrich, Ambassador Kennedy Brown and Ambassador Madi Buldra. Photo courtesy of Tammy McKenzie2 / 2

Hudson Ambassadors joined North Hudson Pepperfest as Hallway Helpers at the Grand Fête on Friday, Nov. 23 for face painting and crafts for kids, including making reindeer food and Christmas tree ornaments prior to the arrival of Santa downtown Hudson. The Ambassadors were asked to carry the State Farm banner down Second Street that led Santa on his fire truck to Light Up the Night with Christmas lights. Although a little bit of rain was falling during the event, it did not dampen any of the holiday spirit!