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Photos: Hudson Ambassadors help out at home

Bundled up (from left) at the Candlelight Stroll in Lakefront Park Friday, Nov. 30: Ambassador Maddie Zabel, Ambassador Rachel McKenzie, Ambassador Madi Buldra, and Ambassador Kennedy Brown. Photo courtesy of Tammy McKenzie1 / 2
Pictured in Santa’s chair at Santa and His Critter Saturday, Dec. 1 (from left): Ambassador Maddie Zabel, Ambassador Kennedy Brown, Ambassador Madi Buldra and Ambassador Rachel McKenzie. Photo courtesy of Tammy McKenzie2 / 2

The holidays are all about helping out and spending time with friends and family. This past weekend, the Hudson Ambassadors stayed close to home and helped out in their hometown community. Friday, Nov. 30, they were at Lakefront Park for the Candlelight Stroll setting up luminary bags and assisting with horse drawn carriage rides.

Saturday, Dec. 1 brought them back downtown to the River City Center for Santa and His Critters. The Ambassadors spent the afternoon welcoming children and their families and handing out tickets to meet Santa.