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VILLAGE OF NORTH HUDSON: 2018 Budget Adjustment (Computer Server)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 11:23pm

Village of North Hudson, WISCONSIN

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Village of North Hudson, by two-thirds majority vote of the Village Board of Trustees taken on October 30, 2018 did adjust the 2018 budget as follows:
101-41-57140-813 Capital-Office/Computer$2,000
101-28-49910-000 Use of Available Funds $2,000
Move unassigned funds to cover purchase of server for General Government.
The above budget amendments pertain to budget adjustments to revenue and expenditures during 2018.
This notice is given in compliance with Section 65.90 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
Dated this 31st of October, 2018.
Melissa Luedke, Village Administrator/Clerk
______________________________________________________________________ (Pub. 11/08/18) WNAXLP