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CITY OF HUDSON: March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 6:09pm

Monday, March 25, 2019 - 7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers of City Hall, 505 Third Street
The Common Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Rich O'Connor at 7:00 p.m.
Mayor O'Connor led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Members Present: Mayor Rich O'Connor, Randy Morrissette, Bill Alms, Paul Deziel, Jim Webber, Sarah Atkins Hoggatt and Joyce Hall
Also Present: Devin Willi, Catherine Munkittrick, Mike Mroz, Scott St. Martin, Josh Olson, Geoff Willems, Paul Berning, Mary Claire Potter Olson, Cody Brunton, Rebecca Mariscal and others.
Presentations- 2019 Annual Library Report & Municipal Partner Update
Library Director, Tina Norris, stated that the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan was provided for council information. Tina reviewed the 2019 Annual Library Report and Municipal Partner Update, providing details surrounding the quantity and type of materials checked out, visitor statistics, programs offered, the library budget and funding provided by the Hudson Area Library Foundation. Tina then reviewed the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.
Comments and Suggestions from Citizens Present
Director of Public Works, Mike Mroz, provided updates regarding the course of action his crew is taking to repair pot holes within the city and addressed the flooding of the St. Croix River.
Consent Agenda:
A. Approve the meeting minutes from the March 11, 2019 Regular Council meeting and the March 18, 2019 Special Council meeting.
B. Approve the claims in the amount of $347,608.36.
C. Approve the issuance of operator licenses to Andrew Claypool, Cole Cristan, Scott Fagula, Jared Johnson, Aaron Stanaway and Ingrid Swenson.
D. Approve the issuance of a Temporary Beer Liquor License to the Hudson Hockey Association for the Hall Pass Men's Tournament scheduled for April 5 - 7, 2019 at Gornick Arena at 1820 Hanley Road.
E. Approve the Run/Walk application submitted by Willow River Elementary School for the Celebrate Difference Autism Awareness Run/Walk event scheduled for April 6, 2019.
F. Approve the Run/Walk application submitted by the National MS Society scheduled for May 4, 2019.
G. Place on file the March 12, 2019 Public Utilities Commission Meeting minutes.
H. Discussion and possible action on a Letter of Engagement (LOE) with SEH for a St. Croix Street Sanitary Sewer Extension.
I. Approve the purchase and installation of two sets of Crosswalk Warning Systems on Hanley Road at O'Neil Road and Heritage Boulevard.
Morrissette made a motion seconded by Alms to approve the consent agenda. Roll Call Vote:
All Ayes (6) Motion carried.
Unfinished Business - None
New Business
Mayor O'Connor stated that item D will be discussed before item A.
Discussion and possible action on the adoption of Ordinance 5-19, Amending Chapter 235, Vehicles and Traffic.
Nick Colianni introduced himself as a member of the Parking Committee. He reviewed details of the parking recommendations. A few changes of the code were housekeeping items such as changing the definition meters to pay stations and renaming some of the parking lots so their location can be referenced. Rates will be kept at fifty cents per hour. New stations will accept coins, credit cards and mobile payments.
He also reviewed areas of three-hour parking and eight-hour parking, increased parking enforcement days and times and the cost associated with parking permits. Data will be collected and evaluated in six months and the plan can be changed as needed.
Motion by Randy Morrissette, seconded by Hall, to suspend the rules. Roll call vote: All Ayes (6) Motion carried.
Mayor O'Connor explained the parking deficit and possible solutions through the new parking enforcements. He thanked those who participated in the creation of the plan.
There was a lengthy discussion regarding the library lot, the beach front lot and fines associated with parking near fire hydrants and other parking violations. Alderpersons Deziel and Webber expressed that they would like the library lot and beach front lot to remain free to the public.
Hudson Chamber of Commerce President, Mary Claire Olson Potter addressed how the proposed changes will be marketed to the public. She added that the City will almost double the number of metered parking lots. Mary Claire then reiterated that the data will be evaluated in six months and the plan can be changed as needed.
Alderperson Atkins Hoggatt brought up violation fees and how the police department would address the notices to violators. Morrissette replied that this can be discussed at the next public safety meeting. Atkins Hoggatt offered corrections to the ordinance, including amending the date to the 4th Monday in May instead of May 30th for Memorial Day, strike out the angle parking description on First Street and add north of Vine on First Street. Mary Claire Olson Potter stated that having clear signage will play a part in the success to the plan.
Webber added that he'd like to see verbiage regarding service vehicles for those working on charter boats.
Motion by Morrissette, seconded by Atkins Hoggatt to adopt Ordinance 5-19 with recommended changes. Roll Call Vote: (5-1) Opposed by Webber. Motion carried.
2019 Community Subsidies Budget
City Administrator, Devin Willi, stated that there is $19,000 undesignated from this year's budget and welcomed ideas on how to allocate those funds. Morrissette voiced that he would like to see $5,000 designated to the Phipps Center with no specific stipulations to its use.
Motion by Morrissette, seconded by Atkins Hoggatt, to designated $5,000 to the Phipps Center.
Roll Call Vote: All Ayes (6) Motion Carried.
Motion by Morrissette seconded by Alms to approve the 2019 Community Subsidies budget.
Roll call vote: All Ayes (6) Motion Carried.
Discussion and possible action on the Final Plat for St. Croix Meadows Redevelopment
Janelle Taveggia, the project manager representing the St. Croix Meadows LLC, reviewed the proposed final plat for the St. Croix Meadows Redevelopment. She stated that the plan is in compliance with the preliminary plat with minor changes and in full agreement with the five conditions of approval listed in the recommendation.
Morrissette made a motion, seconded by Alms, to approve the final plat with staff recommended changes. Roll call vote: All Ayes 6-0 Motion carried.
Discussion and possible action on the adoption of Resolution 8-19, approving the Stormwater Prevention Plan (SWPP) and the Stormwater Modeling and Management Plan
Mike Mroz stated that the city is now required to obtain a MS-4 permit through the WI DNR. Permit requirements include plans for a storm water management plan, a modeling plan and a SWWP for the two public works garages. The development of the plans was partially funded by a Wisconsin DNR Urban Nonpoint Source Grant. Eric Henningsgard, with SEH presented a brief overview of the projects and the current MS4 program then answered questions from the council.
Motion by Alms, seconded by to suspend the rules. Roll call vote: All Ayes (6) Motion carried.
Motion by Alms, seconded by Hall, to adopt Resolution 8-19. Roll call vote: All Ayes (6) Motion carried.
Communications and Recommendations of the Mayor
Mayor O'Connor stated that the IT Director, Bryan Watson is recommending a change in the City domain name to Mayor O'Connor wanted council's input on this before agreeing to the change. Bryan Watson explained that the existing address will redirect users to the new domain.
Communications and Items for Future Agendas
Common Council members
City Attorney and/or City Staff
City Administrator Devin Willi announced that the Spring Election will be held on April 2nd. Polling places will be open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Absentee voting will continue until 5:00 pm on March 29th.
Fire Chief, Scott St. Martin welcomed anyone interested to attend an informal gathering scheduled at the Hop and Barrel on Thursday, April 4th from 7:00- 9: 00 pm to recognize the years of service to the fire department from Dean Rossing, Tom Zeuli, Jeff Dabruzzi and Jim Frye.
Alms made a motion, seconded by Hall to adjourn. Roll Call Vote: All Ayes (6) Motion carried
Meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.
ATTEST: /s/ Jennifer Rogers, City Clerk
I hereby certify that the City Clerk has submitted the foregoing minutes to me and hereby by my signature approve said minutes and all acts of the Common Council as set forth therein.
APPROVED: /s/ Rich O'Connor, Mayor
Date approved by Council: April 8, 2019
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