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Celebrating seven decades together: Bev & Doug Torgerson

Bev and Doug Torgerson of Hudson and formerly of New Richmond celebrated 70 years of marriage Aug. 22, 2017. Submitted photo

Submitted by Robin Torgerson

On Aug. 22, 1947, Bev and Doug Torgerson, currently residents of Wintergreen Senior Apartments, Hudson, were married in a lovely ceremony at Trinity Methodist Church in Minneapolis. The bride and groom were classmates at New Richmond High School. After graduating in 1943, they went their separate ways but kept in touch.

The bride was a recent graduate of the Hamline Asbury School of Nursing and had attained her RN designation. The groom had graduated from the Northwestern University NROTC unit with a Bachelor of Science degree and had just returned from an active duty assignment.

On the last weekend in August, they celebrated their 70th anniversary surrounded by family and friends. Family members traveled from all over the U.S. to join the festivities. Their oldest daughter, Kathy, along with her husband, Evan, and their younger daughter, Ali flew in from Philadelphia. Son Eric, his wife Layne and their younger daughter, Juliette, came all the way from Kauai, Hawaii. Eric and Layne's daughter, Kendall and her special friend came from San Francisco, while Kathy and Evan's daughter, Erin arrived from Los Angeles. Bev and Doug's younger daughter, Robin, drove down from her home near Crosslake, Minn.

On Saturday, Bev and Doug, along with their three children and four granddaughters and a friend, celebrated with a family dinner at the Lake Elmo Inn, complete with flowers, balloons, speeches, pictures, wine, as well as excellent food. Much laughter and reminiscing made the dinner even more special.

On Sunday afternoon, Bev and Doug hosted a reception in the Wintergreen Garden Room for the extended family and many friends, some of whom they have known for as long as they have been married. A light lunch was served. Entertainment included a slide show featuring an interview with Bev and Doug telling stories of their courtship. Also an a cappella rendition of "Moon River" by Juliette Torgerson, and a medley of '40s era songs sung by Adele Dolan who accompanied herself on guitar, was presented.

Bev and Doug surprised the crowd by dancing to "Stardust (their favorite courtship song) as Adele sang and played. Their dance was a highlight of the afternoon, met with enthusiastic applause. At this time, Ali and Erin Klingsberg gave heartwarming tributes to their grandparents.

The entire weekend was a beautiful tribute to Bev and Doug and 70 years of "young love."