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A time to celebrate: Years of service and retirees

The employees pictured have served the Hudson School District for 20 years in 2018: (from left) Molly Dado, Kimberly Larson, Craig Jilek, Linda Jacobs, Beth Gallagher, Julie Weinberg, Mary Gerzmehle, Bridget Schuett, Susan Kouba, Linda Wagner, Julie Solfest, Stacey Tiedemann, Lori Rossini and Sandra Burke. Sarah Nigbor / RiverTown Multimedia 1 / 6
(From left) Megan Gornick, Candice Miller, Mary Wicker and Kathy Heth were honored Monday, April 16 at the Hudson School District staff recognition banquet for 25 years of service. Sarah Nigbor / RiverTown Multimedia 2 / 6
Those pictured are celebrating 15 years with the Hudson School District this year: (front row, from left) Patricia Griffith, Elizabeth Smith, Julie Fenner, Deborah Heinisch, Cynthia Millin; (back row) Joann Augustin, Susan Hellmers, Susan Bopray, Nancy Bowers, Michele Yuengst and Wendy Haesemeyer. Sarah Nigbor / RiverTown Multimedia 3 / 6
(front row, from left) Megan Martin, Lacy Ament, Brooke Wert, Sara Filarsky, Jessica McQuade, Amanda McCarthy; (middle row) Jayme Eberlin, Lynn Doucette, Teale Giedd, Jessica Slaikeu, Jamie Strapon, Caroline Wolf, Melissa Burkart, Rachel Knipfer; (back row) Timothy Miner, Kelly Hackbarth-Miller, Tracy Metz, Shari Pearson, Sarah Johnson, Erika Estrella, Michele Delong, Elizabeth Halama and Marcia Krier. Sarah Nigbor / RiverTown Multimedia 4 / 6
(front row, from left) Deb Heinisch, Sandra Perron, Pam Barthman, Sylvia Strom, Georgia Krusell, Susan M. Anderson, John Kirkowski; (back row) David Stene, Connie Root, Marcia Scheurman, Susan Kouba, Tess Rizzardi, Wendy Haesemeyer and Peggy Eller. Sarah Nigbor / RiverTown Multimedia 5 / 6
Karen Halverson (right) has worked in the Hudson School District for 30 years, while Connie Root is celebrating 35 years in the district. Sarah Nigbor / RiverTown Multimedia6 / 6

Hudson School District honored staff and retirees at its annual staff recognition banquet Monday, April 16 at Hudson House Grand Hotel.

Those honored included employees celebrating 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service. Speakers included Superintendent Nick Ouellette and Human Resources Chief Andrea Voelker.

The following were recognized (not all were in attendance):


Susan M. Anderson, Sandra Perron, Pam Barthman, Georgia Krusell, Connie Root, Peggy Eller, Deb Heinisch, David Stene, Susan Kouba, John Kurkowski, Sylvia Strom, Wendy Haesemeyer, Tess Rizzardi, Marcia Scheurman, Cindy Anderson, Matthew Friedl, Diane Olson and Daniel Steel.

10 years

Lacy Ament, Brielle Anfinson, Melissa Burkart, Jeffrey Dabruzzi, Michele Delong, Larry Devos, Stephanie Devos, Lynn Doucette, Jayme Eberlin, Erika Estrella, Sara Filarsky, Teale Giedd, Therese Habisch-Ahlin, Kelly Hackbarth-Miller, Elizabeth Halama, Sarah Johnson, Kris Karlson, Rachel Knipfer, Marcia Krier, Jesse Lam, Lori Mara, Megan Martin, Heather Mathews, Amanda McCarthy, Jessica McQuade, Tracy Metz, Timothy Miner, Lisa Nagel, Shari Pearson, Jessica Slaikeu, Jamies Strapon, Ann Truhler, Julie Warren, Adam Wert, Brooke Wert, Cody Williquett, and Caroline Wolf.

15 years

Joann Augustin, Linda Blair, Susan Bopray, Nancy Bowers, Jeffrey Busby, Sara Ellstrom, Julie Fenner, Matthew Friedl, Patricia Griffith, Andrew Haase, Wendy Haesemeyer, Deborah Heinisch, Susan Hellmers, Thomas Hellmers, Ryan Huppert, Nicholas Koss, Dana Krahenbuhl, Kyle Grumrel, Nicole Lagerstrom, Lezlee Lawrence, Mary McConaughey, Cynthia Millin, Donna Nelson, Terri Ostertag, Suzanne Robole, Elizabeth Smith, Michele Yuengst and Tammy Zacharias.

20 years

Elsa Brettingen, Sandra Burke, Molly Dado, Veronica Ellingson, Beth Gallagher, Mary Gerzmehle, Linda Jacobs, Craig Jilek, Thomas Klatt, Susan Kouba, Kimberly Larson, Christine Paulson-Strop, Lisa Persinger, Lori Rossini, Bridget Schuett, Tamara Schullo, Julie Solfest, James Stejskal, Debbie Taylor, Stacey Tiedemann, Linda Wagner, Julie Weinberg, Lori Williquett and Tara Zinck.

25 years

Leonard Boesel Jr., Chloe Brine, David Dahl, Gail Gerdts, Megan Gornick, Kathy Heth, Candice Miller and Mary Wicker.

30 years

Vicki Aulert, Isabel Barr and Karen Halverson

35 years

Connie Root

Sarah Nigbor

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