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Plantables spreads seeds from the Kindness Kampaign

Pictured with Pat Evenson (center) is Alec (left) and Jim Schreiber (right) from the Plantables crew. Submitted photo1 / 5
Pictured with city of Hudson employees Joe Kress (left) and Jim Frye (right) is Erica from the Plantables morning crew. Submitted photo 2 / 5
Pictured with Don Bitterman is Alec from the Plantables morning crew. Submitted photo 3 / 5
Shown with the Thursday morning Plantables crew are Pat Kerner, Marge Wopat, and Karrie Weaver, Hudson Area Backpack Program; Katie Pierce and Steve Wilcox, The Resultants; and Ruth Petermann, Hudson Neighbors/Best Version Media. Submitted photo4 / 5
Pictured with Nancy Fouks (far right) is the Plantables Monday Morning Crew. Submitted photo5 / 5

The Plantables team recently presented the Hudson Area Backpack Program a check for $1,000, the proceeds from the second annual Plantables Plant Kindness Kampaign.

This donation was made possible from the 30 businesses and organizations that supported the Kampaign by purchasing customized Plantables seed cards and seed bombs to give to their customers in support of Earth Week. This collaboration shows the power of "planting seeds of kindness" in the community.

Kindness continues to grow at the Plantables warehouse and around Hudson each day. The Plantables crew is so thankful for those who spread their seeds of kindness to others and so, for the second year in conjunction with the Plant Kindness Kampaign, they celebrated and recognized kindness with the "Plant Kindness - Every Seed Matters" campaign. They highlighted five deserving individuals as a "Kind Person of the Day" and recognized them with a Plantables' Certificate of Kindness, presented by Plantables workers.

The first award recipient is responsible for planting all the beautiful flowers in Hudson's city parks, Nancy Fouks. Her amazing gardening talents have been on display for many years. While she cares for her flowers throughout the growing season, she's never too busy to stop and interact with people who pass by. She probably has made as many friends along the way as flowers that she's planted, and that's a lot of flowers! Fouks is also an employee of O'Connell Funeral Home and continues to plant seeds of love to those who need it most.

The group was also happy to award two recipients from the city of Hudson, Jim Frye and Joe Kress, with a Certificate of Kindness. It has been such a long and snowy winter and the crew is so grateful to these two and the many city employees for the hours spent clearing roads.

Pat Evenson has been visiting people, setting up for mass and raising money through the Auxiliary throughout the past 37 years for Christian Community Homes and its residents. How fortunate to have her, and many others, who continue to support and care for the CCH communities in such loving ways.

Don Bitterman has been a volunteer at Hudson Hospital & Clinic for the past nine years and truly brings smiles to everyone he meets. There can never be too much kindness, and he spreads happiness wherever he goes, hoping to make a difference by connecting with others through conversation.

Plantables LLC, is in its sixth year of business in downtown Hudson. Plantables was created by Jim Schreiber, and his wife Karen Klyzcek, and combines their talents and passions in its dual missions of being a worker-focused employer with the science behind making environmentally friendly products. Jim, a former special education teacher, and Karen, a biology, immunology and virology professor at UW-River Falls, have developed a business that is the first of its kind.

As a worker-focused employer, Plantables strives to create a work environment that makes the necessary modifications and accommodations needed for their employees' skills. By utilizing adaptive equipment and assistive communication devices, they hand make products for the environment and pollinators.

Last year Plantables launched a new video, website and retail store at the warehouse (407 Second St.) The response has been so positive that this year they added to their amazing work force and continue to expand their product line.

For more information, visit or contact / 651-216-7294.