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Letter: DI is great experience

Dear Editor,

What is Destination Imagination (or simply DI)? DI is about creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. It's working with a group of classmates that you may not even know, but you'll end up being great friends!

DI is not about adults telling you how to build things, or fix things or how to improve your script. You have to be open-minded and willing to push yourself to try new things. With everyone working together, you can do things you never thought possible! DI gives you a "can do" attitude.

Sometimes even after hours of hard work, your project doesn't turn out and you have to keep your hopes up and keep trying, because anything is possible. DI is not about the competition, but about the people you meet. It's about the best Fridays ever (or whatever day you meet).

The Hudson Global Finals DI teams shared a remarkable experience in Knoxville, Tenn. This event brought teams of students from around the world together to celebrate diversity, teamwork and creativity. It was awesome to be at a competition where opponents cheered for and appreciated each other's talents.

Hudson has an excellent reputation within the International DI organization, and our schools and community of supporters have helped us achieve this honor.

Through dedicated volunteers, caring parents, a giving community and a thoughtful school district, children from kindergarten through 12th grade can participate in this "one of a kind" program. It's the perfect compliment to our school's curriculum and one necessary to truly prepare our children for success in their adult years. No other program available for our kids builds their self-reliance through a combination of creativity and teamwork.

This year our DI program involved 27 teams and over 125 kids. We are proud of the growth of our DI program over the past 10 years and hope to see even more kids thinking "outside the box" when our season begins in September.

Melissa Olson and Roger Davis, along with their DI team members,