'Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook' at The Phipps


"Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook," a play by Allison Gregory adapted from the popular book series by Barbara Park, will be performed by The Phipps Children's Theater at 7 p.m. Fridays, 1 and 4 p.m. Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays, Feb. 9-25 at The Phipps Center for the Arts.

Junie B. Jones is certain that someone at school stole new furry mittens. So, when Junie B. finds a pen of many colors, she figures she should be allowed to keep it because "finders keepers, losers weepers."

In addition, there is a new handsome boy in her kindergarten class. The problem is both Grace and Lucille want him to be their boyfriend. Maybe he will want to be Junie B.'s boyfriend when he sees her wonderful pen.

Junie B. Jones is not a crook ... or is she? Audiences will find out how Junie B., the funniest girl in Room Nine, perseveres through her kindergarten conundrums and learns that honesty is the best policy.

General admission tickets are $19 for adults and $14 for children for this production in the Black Box Theater. For reservations, contact The Phipps ticket office at 715-386-8409 or online at ThePhipps.org.