Artists group crafts tribute to Shartin


About nine years ago, housing development became popular in Hudson, and a group of citizens were concerned that Hudson would lose what makes it unique: the river, nature, and farms. They formed a group to talk about it, said Gloria Adrian.

From a sustainability workshop given by UW-River Falls Professor Kelly Cain, Anastasia Shartin developed an idea to get a group of artists together.

"It was kind of a radical idea, because getting artists together and to work together is pretty hard," Adrian said, "because they're all so individualistic."

The group was formed as What We Need Is Here, and the goal was to do art about sustainability, the river and the watershed.

"To keep showing the public what a beautiful place we have," said Adrian.

Adrian joined the group eight years ago, and said the group and the camaraderie she has with other group members has meant a lot to her.

Adrian said,she and her fellow group members are grateful that Shartin has given them the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie and learn from each other.

"Anastasia's an incredible woman," Adrian said. "I'm amazed at what she gets done."

On Tuesday, April 10, the group decided to honor Shartin for her hard work organizing the group and for all the group has given them.

Each artist made a work for art for Shartin, all about 5.5-by-8.5 inches, in various media.

On Tuesday each artist presented their individual work to Shartin, telling her how appreciative they were of all she has done for the group. The presentations produced tears from Shartin.

"You guys are so generous," Shartin said.

Along with each art piece, Sharting received a hug from each member.