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Somerset Schools referendum

April 2019 School Referendums....

I dont think there will be a lot of opposition to the what I call, two "no frills" referendum questions on the ballot for the Somerset School district in April, but wanted to share my thoughts.

This is basically two questions that we very much need to pass to maintain roofs, chillers, security and safety issues, NO new gyms, auditoriums or any new buildings in this referendum. Its been MANY years since we have spent any referendum money. We have large debt being paid off right now, so the timing is good to keep the tax ramifications low.

There was a survey that went out to the voters a couple months back, and the results showed support for the "no frills" items that will be on the ballot but NOT any extras at this time. The school board has wisely heeded to those wishes and is not asking for the other items, like adding an auditorium, another gym, or upgrading athletic facilities, even though some community members support these items.

I highly encourage people to vote yes/yes if we are to keep the Somerset School District safe, maintained, a desirable choice for families, as well as keep real estate values stable. Not too many years ago many of my clients told me they were moving to Somerset for the "good school system." I dont believe we have slipped too far, if at all, but lets keep up the good work and our reputation for having excellent schools. Please vote YES to BOTH referendum questions on the ballot April 2.

David Bracht

Realtor and life-long Somerset resident

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.