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Supports Neubauer for Supreme Court Justice

I support Lisa Neubauer for Supreme Court Justice. She has the qualifications, experience and character needed for Supreme Court. She has a reputation of being fair, impartial, independent, and a judge who upholds the rule of law. Judge Neubauer has 30 years of law experience, 10 years as Appellate Court judge, and has served as Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals since 2015.

Judge Neubauer's opponent, Brian Hagedorn, is a Scott Walker appointed Court of Appeals judge. He has called the NAACP "a disgrace," Planned Parenthood "a wicked organization," and helped found a private Christian school that bans faculty, students, and students' parents from being in same-sex relationships. I am concerned about his ability to rule without bias in cases involving these issues.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.