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Both Transcend Medi-Spa and Lasered Ink can give you a new look

The staff at Transcend Medi-Spa and Lasered Ink are from the left, massage therapist Kate Tschida, esthetician Laura Olinger, owner and laser technician Laurie Wall and her son Tony Wall, owner of Lasered Ink. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Whether you are looking a bit older than you want or you want to remove a tattoo that reminds you of a day gone by, the mother and son team of Laurie and Tony Wall can help.

She opened the Transcend Medi-Spa in Hudson and Tony opened Lasered Ink in the same location.

Wall, no stranger to Hudson or the medical world, has been working in the medical field since she was 18, most of it as an EMT, including stints with St. Croix EMS, Lakeview and North Memorial.

After she met Dr. Scott Jenkins, her world changed from saving people in crisis situations to a different kind of saving. Jenkins is the Robbinsdale, Minn., plastic surgeon who is the medical director for Transcend.

"There is something very fulfilling about what I do now," said Laurie. "Each person who walks in is an individual and we plan any treatment based on their own individuality. They leave with a whole new view of themselves." From laser treatment, to remove hair, age spots and hyper-pigmentation to Botox and fillers, you can take years off your image.

"I feel blessed to have the ability of offer such life changing procedures," said Laurie, who cited her mother's experience. "The greatest benefit for her was she felt better about herself because she looked better and she began to act like she was 52 instead of 72. Before that she hardly left the house."

Joining Wall at Transcend are Kate Tschida, a massage therapist, Laura Olinger an esthetician and Miranda McDonald, an acupuncturist. Tschida graduated from the Everest Institute in Eagan, Minn., and offers a wide assortment of therapies, including Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, hot stone and pregnancy massage as well as reflexology. She also offer chair massages. Typically the sessions are 60 or 90 minutes.

"I really like helping people and making people feel good and have healthier lives," said Tschida. "Massage has a lot of health benefits as well."

Olinger, originally from South Dakota, is qualified to offer traditional spa treatments such as relaxing facials as well as the more modern professional treatments for acne and other skins problems such as micro-derm abrasion, peels and laser treatment.

"What I do is completely customized to whatever concerns the client has," said Olinger. "Nobody's skin is the same." Olinger is qualified to offer laser treatments for hair removal, fat reduction and age spot removal.

"I really love working with people," said Olinger.

Overall, Wall wants to make the newest technology available to customers from all walks of life.

"These technologies have the ability to change peoples' lives and I am going to make it affordable for anyone," said Wall.

Lasered Ink

Tony Wall, shares much of his mother's enthusiasm for making people more comfortable in their own skins but his approach is a little different.

Specializing in tattoo removal, Tony uses some of the same technology and works with several area tattoo artists whose clients may need his services.

"There is a huge market," said Tony. "What looked good when you were 18, 19 or 20 may not look so great when you are 40."

"The good news is that tattoos are not forever anymore," said Wall. The removal process is much like the reverse of getting a tattoo. It usually takes a least eight sessions at an hour per session. The laser is used to basically reinjure the skin.

"We let nature take over to create its scar," said Tony. "You take care of it like any other wound."

Sometimes, he is cleaning up an area so a new tattoo can take its place, sort of like cleaning up a canvas so the artist can create a new piece.

"I love tattoos and hope to be covered in them someday," said Tony, who respects the artistry required to create a good one. In the meantime he is ready and qualified to remove reminders of days gone by whether it be a love you no longer have or one those youthful pranks that now looks bad.

Either way, Transcend Medi-Spa and Lasered Ink can give you a new look. They are located at 131 Carmichael Road in Suite 204.

Transcend Medi-Spa is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. 6 p.m. and on evenings and weekends by appointment.

Call (715) 808-0681 for an appointment at Transcend Med-Spa and (651) 354-9224 for Lasered Ink.