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Chris Matter for County Board

Chris Matter for County Board

To the editor

Chris Matter, long time resident and active member of the Town of St Joseph local government, is seeking to continue in her position as our District 2 St Croix County Board representative. Chris was appointed to replace Agnes Ring last year. She has served well on the Community Development Committee during her short term, bringing with her twelve years experience on the Town s Plan Commission, working on two comprehensive plans and several ordinances. Chris was instrumental in developing the St Joseph Non-residential Design Guidelines which were crafted to give direction to the post-bridge future growth in the Town.

As the former Plan Commission Chair, I know that Chris cares about improving our community and planning for the future. She is concerned about the protection of our natural resources and ground water, but also looks to a future that weighs economic growth with residential and commercial development. She is a diligent and serious individual serving in our local government. Her continued service and election as our District 2 County Board member will benefit our Towns and County.

Chris Matter did file the nomination papers to run in the April 3 election. She is on the ballot. Your vote for Chris will be appreciated.

Carolyn Barrette

Town of St Joseph

1358 County Rd V

Houlton WI 54082

715-549-6438 h

612-201-5916 c