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Scott Nordstrand for County Board

Scott Nordstrand for County Board

I have worked with Chris Matter in the Plan Commission for the better part of two years. In this time, I have gotten to know Chris Matter and her work quite well. It is with this knowledge that I strongly encourage your vote for Scott Nordstrand for District 2 County Board.


EDUCATED; Scott Nordstrand is a lawyer with a political science background. He calls himself a "quick study" that "learns on the job." He is knowledgeable. He will listen and learn.

ETHICAL; Scott Nordstrand is "fair and [he will] do the right thing." This is a key characteristic needed for this important position.

EXPERIENCED; Scott Nordstrand has a broad background in numerous vocations from lawyer to school bus driver. He can identify with the average citizen and believes that "a few new ideas" would be welcome in the County Board.

COMMITTED; Scott Nordstrand is committed to "act in the best interest of constituents." This means that he will be responsive to the voter. He will act with "consideration of all opinions."

Your vote for Scott Nordstrand will be sincerely appreciated.

Theresa Schousek

Plan Commission Mbr

Town of St. Joseph