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Vote John Hoggatt for Mayor

Vote John Hoggatt for Mayor

I am writing this letter in support of John Hoggatt for Mayor of Hudson.

John has been a tireless worker for the betterment of Hudson and its citizens. In his tenure on the city council and numerous city committees, John has worked with the rest of the council members to address issues by listening to and working with residents and community leaders to implement common-sense solutions that have kept Hudson a strong and thriving city.

John is also an outspoken advocate of transparent decision making and has a passionate commitment to maintaining local control of Hudsons critical services to the public. Hudsons Emergency Medical Service will be a large issue in the year ahead and I know that he will lead an open and community involved effort for a sustainable solution that protects the quality of service and local control the residents of Hudson have said loud and clear that they want and need.

For those reasons I urge you to vote for John Hoggatt Mayor on April 3rd.

Macy Westerham

Hudson, WI