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Four of five piers now taking shape on new St. Croix bridge

Mike Demulling, New Richmond Regional Airport manager, snapped this photo Thursday, looking east toward Wisconsin from the Oak Park Heights area.1 / 2
Pier 9 is in the middle of the photo where construction on the second of three sections is underway. Pier 8 is to the right, near the Minnesota shore. Crews are working on the third section of pier 8 and the height is approaching the eventual driving surface of the new river crossing. Photo by Mike Demulling, New Richmond Regional Airport. 2 / 2

HOULTON -- Fair weather is helping construction crews continue to make swift progress on the St. Croix River Crossing, according to an updates provided Thursday by communications staff from both the Wisconsin and Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Four of the five piers are now under construction. Work continues forming the third of three sections of pier 8, nearest the Minnesota shore, toward reaching its full height to the bridge deck (driving surface). Work on the crossbeam that connects the two towers at pier 8 will begin in June.

Crews recently completed the first concrete pour on pier 12, the pier nearest the Wisconsin shoreline. Meanwhile, the base at pier 10 is being formed, along with the installation of rebar.

On May 13th, the Wisconsin Hwy. 35 overpass started to take shape with the first of five girders put into place atop the abutments. The girders support the deck of the overpass, which will carry Hwy. 35 over the newly aligned Wisconsin Hwy. 64.

Following the Memorial Day holiday, crews will set-up forms to pour concrete on the deck surface ahead of the pouring the following week. Construction schedule is on track to remove the Hwy. 35 detour in July, weather permitting.

Earthmoving equipment is also shaping the new intersection of Hwy. 64 and CTH E in St. Joseph.

As of May 21st, 19 of the 23 approach pier footings were complete and five of the on-land piers were at full height. Two of the three bridge abutments in Minnesota were also complete.