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DNR enacts no-wake zone on St. Croix River

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources declared a no-wake zone on a 50-mile stretch of the St. Croix River starting Wednesday, May 24. Anne Jacobson / RiverTown Multimedia.

Authorities are advising St. Croix River boaters to operate watercrafts at slow speeds between Taylor Falls, Minn. and Prescott, Wis. starting Wednesday, May 24.

Predicted high river levels prompted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to enact a "no-wake zone" in that area, which is expected to last through Sunday, May 28.

The DNR expects the river level in Stillwater, Minn. to exceed 683 feet during that time.

Weather conditions like rain, however, may affect the river levels and extend the no-wake zone time period.

Boaters are required to operate watercrafts at the slowest possible speed necessary to maintain steerage during no-wake periods, but can't exceed five miles per hour.

The DNR declares no-wake zones in that stretch of the St. Croix River when water levels are high to protect boaters from flood-related hazards like floating debris and river currents.

Restricting speeds on the river during high water levels also helps minimize damage to shorelines, levees and islands that are vulnerable during high-water events.

More information about no-wake zones is available at