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Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance

Please take notice that the Village of North Hudson, Wisconsin, enacted Ordinance No. 01-2009, the Lower St. Croix Riverway Zoning Ordinance, on January 6, 2009.

The ordinance creates an overlay zoning district within the boundaries of the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. Those boundaries are defined within the ordinance and by Chapter NR 118 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The ordinance contains the land use regulations and procedures within the Riverway district that are in addition to the existing Village zoning regulations. For example, the ordinance regulates buildings and other structures, roads, driveways, stairways, vegetation planting and removal, etc. These are just some examples; the ordinance is extensive and covers almost any land use within the Riverway district.

The full text of the Lower St. Croix Riverway Zoning Ordinance No. 01-2009 may be obtained at the Village Clerk's office, 400 Seventh Street N., Hudson, WI 54016, 715-386-5141.

(Pub. Jan. 15)