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H1N1 or seasonal - the flu season is on us

The flu, whether H1N1 or the seasonal variety, is upon us.

To date, just a few isolated cases of both varieties have turned up in Hudson schools, according to district Director of Student Services Cory McIntyre.

"There are just a small number of cases as of right now with no real pattern or outbreak in one particular school. We are working with the families of those children who are sick and are keeping all parents and our staff advised of what we are experiencing. Of course the numbers can change quickly."

Information about the flu in Hudson schools and the district's response plan is available at, click on News and Reports.

The St. Croix County Department of Public Health has created a one-stop shop for influenza information that includes specifics on H1N1, the seasonal flu, flu news and resources, the names of providers and the locations of vaccination clinics.

"Every man, woman and child has a role in reducing the impact of the flu. The power of the standard precautions should not be underestimated," said Geralyn Karl.

Those precautions include covering coughs and sneezes, staying home when sick until fever-free for 24 hours, washing hands frequently with soap and water, regularly cleaning commonly touched surfaces, not sharing cups/straws, eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep.

These precautions, coupled with the voluntary vaccination program for both seasonal and H1N1, will delay and reduce the outbreak peak, minimizing the burden on the health care infrastructure and saving lives, Karl said.

St. Croix County DHHS-Public Health Influenza Resource Center can be found at For more information, contact county Public Health at (715) 246-8263.