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La Crosse rescue divers discover submerged car in Mississippi

A La Crosse rescue diving team was in the midst of a training exercise when it found what might have been a stolen car on the bottom of the Mississippi River.

The divers were looking for a missing hand-held radio on Tuesday night when they found a black four-door Acura about 30 feet from the shore, in 22 feet of water.

They checked to see if a body, bones, or suspicious items were in the vehicle. There were none of those, but the vehicle was loaded with zebra mussels, mud-puppies, and crayfish among other things.

It had Minnesota license plates which were long expired, and were not on file with the state.

Douglas Ely, the sheriff of Houston County, Minn., hopes the vehicle's ID number will track down the owner.

Ely figures the car was stolen, and then dumped into the river.

Diving team commander Erwin Chavarri figures it was there for at least four years. He said it was full of mud, and it smelled horrible.