Vehicle strikes Hope Chiro office, again


For the second time in less than two months, a vehicle has struck the office of Hope Chiropractic on Carmichael Road near the intersection of Vine Street.

The first time around, on Friday, April 20, a vehicle was attempting to park in one of the spots in front of the business when it smashed through the window and into the waiting room of the chiropractic office. No clients were in the room, and no one inside was hurt.

This time on Wednesday, June 6, a vehicle struck the other side of the front of the building, smashing into the wall near the reception desk where staff member Kristin Heinemen was sitting during both incidents.

"Again?" she said she thought, as the vehicle struck the building just feet from her, damaging the desk she sat at.

Heinemen wasn't injured in either accident, but was close enough each time for small amounts of debris to reach her and catch in her hair — glass in the first accident and sheet rock in the second. Owner Dr. Carolyn Wanken had to kick open the door to the reception area to get Heinemen out.

Wanken said this second accident has left her and staff more shaken.

"This time it was more scary," Heinemen said.

The office remains open as the front windows and wall are replaced.

"If I continue to serve it takes my focus off this," Wanken said.

A police report for the most recent incident was not yet available.