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Hudson police: THC found in gummies; nude photo threats

Neighbor dispute

On Friday, Sept. 8 at 10:30 p.m., a resident made a harassment complaint about a neighbor following him in his vehicle as he went to the store. He later lost the neighbor but when he returned to his residence the neighbor had driven by again. The officer reported the resident was hard to understand over the phone, and possibly intoxicated.

THC free gummies?

An officer was called to Hudson High School on Friday, Sept. 8 at 9:20 a.m. for a student that had taken a Cannabidiol CBD gummy. A staff member said the school was concerned the gummy contained THC, a main compound in cannabis. The student was given the gummy by his mother who ordered it online and was informed it was legal and okay to give to her child. The officer contacted the St. Croix County DA's office and found it was not an illegal substance as long as it did not contain THC. The officer took the student home and spoke with the mother. She showed the officer the bottle of gummies, which said "THC Free." the officer tested two gummies and both showed positive for THC. The mother said she believed the gummies to be safe, or otherwise she wouldn't have given them to her child. The officer again called the DA's office, which said the act was not criminal as the mother and child were unaware of the THC in the product. The office said the tests could be false positives, but that the crime lab could not test them since there were no charges and it was backlogged. The mother said she would contact the company with the results. The officer took the remaining gummies to dispose of them. The school stated the student would not be able to return until next week.

Room at the Inn?

Officers responded to the Royal Inn Motel on Coulee Road around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12 for a suspicious activity complaint. A man had purchased one room before leaving, and several other people had been coming and going from the room. The reporting party said he did not want any other people in the room beside the two men there during check in. An officer spoke to one of the men who said the other went to the store and no one else was currently in the room. The man said he had arrived only a few hours ago so he didn't know if others had been there earlier. The officer informed him staff did not want anyone else there, and he said he understood.

Threats from ex

A woman called police at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 13. to report threats from her ex-boyfriend at her residence on Namekagon Street. The ex had found out she had a new boyfriend and began making comments about stalking her and waiting for the boyfriend with a new baseball bat when he is there watching her kids. The woman told police she wanted a report on file and directions on how to get a restraining order.

Nude photo no-no

A man reported suspicious activity on Thursday, Sept. 14 after he sent a photo of his genitals to a woman he was chatting with online. The woman told him if he did not send her $200 she would expose the photo online to his family and friends. The woman wanted the money wired to the Philippines. An officer recommended that the man not send money, as she may just ask for more. The officer also told him he should not send such photos as they are on the internet forever. The man said he would block the people online.