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Hudson police

Storage unit theft

A theft from a storage locker the week before Thanksgiving was reported on Friday, Dec. 15. A man told police his storage unit at Cheep Storage on Hosford Street was broken into and missing items. The lock was cut off and leather working tools, a white craft cart, solar panels and a bin of miscellaneous items were stolen. The man said they were valued at approximately $750.

Suspicious note

Suspicious stick figure drawings were found on a man's work desk on Hanley Road on Friday, Dec. 15 at 2 p.m. When he arrived to work, the man found a piece of paper that was not there when he left. The paper had a picture of a stick figure on one side, and on the other there was another stick figure that was saying "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Above the stick figure the man said it stated "you sin." The paper was reported to management at the business, who wanted it reported to the police.

Marijuana stem noticed by police

While making a traffic stop at 10 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 15 on Hanley Road, an officer noticed a smell of marijuana, and noticed a marijuana stem on the handle of the passenger side door. The driver, who was with four of her children, said the stem likely belonged to her 16-year old child who was not present at the time but had previously driven the vehicle. The officer further searched the vehicle and did not locate any other illegal item. Because the quantity was so low, the driver was not cited for possession but was issued a written warning.

Hitting a wall

Possible property damage was reported at 12 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 16 in the 500 block of Fifth Street. A resident said he woke up to the sound of someone driving up his driveway and hitting his retaining wall. Based on tire tracks, the vehicle seemed to hit the wall in two different places before successfully backing out of the driveway and striking a boulder at a residence across the street. No damage was done to either the retaining wall or the boulder. An officer could not find any more debris in the area, and the resident was not able to give a description of the vehicle.

Dog track break-in

Officers responded to a burglary alarm at 12:32 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 16 at the former St. Croix Meadows dog track on Carmichael Road. The alarm showed motion in the state office and north upper grandstand. Based on footprints and tire tracks, suspects appeared to have fled the area in a vehicle. Plywood sheathing blocking an opening to the main entrance was partially destroyed. Officers did not find anyone in a search of the property. They did find some damage to windows and other items throughout the building, but were unable to confirm if it was new.

Leash laws apply

On Saturday, Dec. 16 at 11 a.m., a resident on Namekagon Street reported that his dog was hurt by a dog owned by someone else in the building. The other dog was not on a leash. The resident's dog had a puncture wound on the right side, with a vet bill of $38. An officer spoke with the other owner, who said she thought her dog was just going to sniff the other dog. She was informed of the leash law in Hudson, and agreed to pay the vet bill.

Run-in at Chipotle

An employee at Chipotle on Pearson Drive reported an assault at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 16. The employee was waiting to use the restroom when a man approached him, pushed him against the wall and accused him of talking to his girlfriend. The employee said his girlfriend told the man to knock it off and the man and woman left. The employee was not injured, and could not get a license plate when the man left. An officer advised him to call police if he ever returns to the store.

No beer money

An officer was called to Dick's Bar on Walnut Street at 11:45 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 16. for a man who bought a beer but fled before paying for it. The man ordered a beer valued at $4.50 and attempted to pay with a credit card but was told the minimum was $20. He then said he was getting cash but was caught trying to sneak out of the bar. The man was told that he needed to pay for the opened beer because the bar could not reuse it. The man fled. Police decided not to take further action as the issue was civil issue and not a theft of services.

Drunk friend's behavior not tolerated

A woman reported a threat complaint on Sunday, Dec. 17 regarding an incident that happened at Taco John's on 11th Street at 8 p.m. The woman said she and her friend did not receive prompt service at the drive through, so her intoxicated friend began yelling and swearing into the microphone. An employee then exited the store swearing and telling them to leave. The woman said she felt intimidated by the employee approaching the vehicle. She said she had already left two poor reviews online regarding the experience and spoke to a manager who hung up on her after banning her from the restaurant. An officer advised her that the restaurant reserved the right to refuse service, and her intoxicated friend's demeanor was disorderly.