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Hudson police: Want bouncer apology; Wrong house

Want bouncer apology

A potential assault by bar bouncers at Dick's Bar was reported on Saturday, Jan. 20 shortly after midnight. A couple who stated they were regulars at the bar said they were asked to leave after the man went behind the stage to speak with the band that he knew. The woman said two bouncers placed their hands on her and physically removed her from the bar, pressing her against a glass window. The man said he did not observe that but was also escorted out by bouncers. The report stated an officer could smell alcohol on both of them. Speaking to other officers, the bouncer stated the couple had tried to get behind the bar to speak with a bartender when the bouncers walked behind them and placed hands on them to escort them out. At that time, the bouncers said the woman began to swing a beer bottle around her head and then tripped over her feet and fell near the exit door. The bouncers removed the beer bottle from her hand and helped pick her up and remove her from the bar. The staff said they would have management make a security camera video available to police for review the next day. The couple said they only wanted an apology from the bouncers, and then moved along without further incident.

Car keyed

At 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20 a woman reported the passenger side of her vehicle had been keyed while parked at her boyfriend's residence on Lillian Drive. The woman said the boyfriend's ex came by the house to drop off a child, and she later saw the ex lingering around her vehicle. She stated she did not see the ex damage the vehicle and did not know of any witnesses to the damage. She said last time this happened the damages were estimated at $3,500, and she was not sure if it would be more or less this time.

Wrong house

A man pounding on the doors and windows of a residence brought officers to the 700 block of Third Street at 3 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21. The man said he believed his friends lived at the address. He had been drinking at a bar downtown when he lost contact with friends and was told to go to that address. He was unable to make phone contact with his friends and was given a courtesy ride to a hotel without incident.

Open garage door

Officers responded at 7 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21 to an open garage door at a residence on West Canyon Drive where the owners were out of town. The inside door leading to the garage was unlocked. Officer cleared the residence and found no signs of a break in. They closed the garage door with the emergency chain but were unable to lock it.

In a hurry

A reckless driving complaint was reported on Crest View Drive at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21. The reporting party said she was driving westbound stopped at a red light at Badger Drive. When the light turned green the car behind her starting honking the horn and tailgated her. When the vehicle next to her turned, the car passed her at a high rate of speed. She followed the vehicle to a parking lot and took a picture of the license plate. An officer found the owner inside a business and spoke with him. The man said the woman did not start driving at the green light, and was going 15 mph in a 40 mph zone. He said he did not want to be late for work. The officer advised him to leave earlier in the future.

Kicked out of bar

On Monday, Jan. 22 shortly after midnight, a bartender at Dick's Bar on Walnut Street reported an intoxicated man who had been kicked out of the bar was now outside harassing customers and attempting to re-enter. The man was found attempting to hide near dumpsters in the alley behind the bar. The man was acting irrational and making accusations against officers. Staff at the bar said they wanted him removed from the property. Officers contacted the man's wife, who apologized for his behavior and picked him up to give him a ride home. About 45 minutes later, officers responded to a man yelling and growling in the area of Prospect Park. The same man was located, and he stated he did not remember how he got there. He requested a courtesy ride to his home. Officers made contact with his wife who said the man had gotten out of the vehicle near the park to go to the restroom. He was taking too long so the wife told him to walk the rest of the way as she did not want to leave her children home alone for too long.

Attempted break-in

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, suspicious activity was reported at Snap Fitness on Carmichael Road. It appeared someone had tried to pry open the back door. It did not appear that anyone gained access, and the door still functions properly. The reporting party was not sure when the damage had happened.

My house is not for sale

A woman called at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 25 to report a false online advertisement listing her home for sale. She received a call from another woman who saw the ad, and then looked up the address to see it was actually on sale. The subject listed on the ad had asked her to send him $800 for the first rent, which she did not send. An officer attempted to contact the man via the listed number, and left a message.