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Immigrants' Day at St. Patrick School

Pictured in the front row (from left to right): Tessa Mackley, Grant Vivian, Vivian Chard, Aubrey Lauters, Paige Prasnicki, Max Wilson and Charlotte Wenzel. Second row: Greta Strobel, Addie Leach, Ellie Burns, Henry Reece, Sam Simones, Emelia Tigan, Kate Landry and Ella Collinson. Back row: Carolin Waldal, Bella Foster, William Giebel, Aiden Nelson, Sam Schmidtknecht, Sherman Holmstadt, Lilli Wagner, Michael Mauer, Logan Kollofski, Aiden Miller, Gus Gerard and Jack Todd. Photo submitted by Carrie Whitacre1 / 4
Awaiting their mental health inspections are Greta Strobel and Tessa Mackley. Photo submitted by Carrie Whitacre2 / 4
Medical examiner/dad Brian Miller is questioning Charlotte Wenzel, Max Wilson, Aubrey Lauters and Paige Prasnicki. Photo submitted by Carrie Whitacre3 / 4
Awaiting their passport inspections are: Lilli Wagner, Henry Reece, Sherman Holmstadt, Aidan Miller and Emelia Tigan. Photo submitted by Carrie Whitacre4 / 4

St. Patrick School fourth-graders recently participated in Immigrants' Day, where they dressed as immigrants from European countries trying to enter the United States around the late 1800s. They arrived via steamship, saw the Statue of Liberty, and were ferried to Ellis Island where they may or may not pass all inspections to reach America. Parents, teachers Mrs. Dumont and Mrs. Willson, Principal Bell, and even Pastor Fr. John posed as medical examiners, mental health examiners, passport inspectors and ticket takers. At the end of the day when all had made it safely to America, they feasted on an array of ethnic food.