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Gerritts delivers on silent auction prize

Gerritts during his day as teacher for preschool teacher Laura Holz. Pictured (from left): Caroline Cari, Maddy LaPean, McKenzie Rodriguez, Vinny Dreher, Tristan Schlitz, Gerritts, Jax McCormack, Henry Johnson, Woody Falk, Gabriel Rowe and Croyden Boyd. 1 / 2
Rev. John Gerritts, center, leads the St. Patrick preschool students in nap time. Submitted photos2 / 2

Submitted by St. Patrick School

Rev. John Gerritts made good on a silent auction item from the St. Patrick School Gala by serving as teacher for a day.

Preschool teacher Laura Holz won, and took advantage of her prize on Thursday, May 17 with a trip for a pedicure and lunch with friends.

Gerritts led the class in calendar activities, art projects, lunch, recess and nap time.