HHS students coming back to 'a new school'


When Hudson High School students come back to school on Sept. 10, it will seem like a brand new school, said Hudson School District Assistant Director of Community Relations, Tracy Habisch-Ahlin.

"To me, it's been a really exciting process just to see what we have worked on for years come to fruition," she said "I can't wait to be there when the kids come back and get to see their new school."

When school starts Sept. 10, the school will not yet be complete. The essential spaces, such as classroom spaces, will be ready, Habisch-Ahlin said, except for some classrooms in the West Wing, which will not be ready yet. The school will maintain some temporary classrooms to fill that need.

Construction is set to be mostly complete by the end of November. Some small items will remain to be completed after that.