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Hudson Prairie honors everyday heroes

Hudson Prairie Elementary students high-fiving local everyday heroes, including Hudson Police, St. Croix EMS, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and more on Sept. 11.1 / 4
Hudson Prairie fifth graders raise the flag Sept. 11 during a ceremony recognizing everyday heroes. Photos courtesy of Linda Keech2 / 4
Hudson Prairie Elementary students wrote speeches about heroes, which they presented at a ceremony Sept. 11. Pictured (from left): George Steele, Henry Steele, Jylian White, Norah Keech, Marley Larson, Molly Peterson.3 / 4
Hudson Prairie Elementary School Principal Joe Behnke speaks at the “everyday heroes” celebration held Sept. 11.4 / 4

Hudson Prairie Elementary has a tradition of gathering at the flagpole on Sept.11 to honor and recognize the everyday heroes that make our country a great one.

Before the flag was raised, Master Sgt.(ret.) Retired DeLong spoke about the flag and its symbols. The color red on the flag signifies hardiness and valor—working hard for what you believe in. White signifies purity and innocence—Doing the right thing. Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice—not giving up.

Hudson Prairie students were joined by Hudson Police, St. Croix EMS, St. Croix County Sheriff's office, Hudson Fire Department and active and veteran service members. Students shared speeches on what it means to be a hero.

George Steele wrote, "A hero helps people in danger."

Molly Peterson said, "Some people think that heroes are Superman or Wonder Woman. But to me a hero is standing up to people who are mean."

A hero to Norah Keech is "Someone who helps people because they care."