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Bread baking gives rise to community service project

HMS students who took part in the "Bake for Good" program. (Seated, from left): Ryan Denzer, Jackson Stern, Zach Web, Stella Hayward, Matthew Anderson, Isaac Gunnlaugsson; (standing) Ben Mertig, Luke Hagen, Emily Heckman, Liliana Holmberg, Maya Youssef, Anthony Annen, Lucas Kamke, Ruby Nelson, Isabel Petrika, Cooper Fallon, Ian Rude, Graeme Anderson, Katherine Lund and Dane Olson. Submitted photo1 / 5
HSM students who took part in the "Bake for Good" project. (Seated, from left): Jayson Ward, Sinead, Omeara, Nick Deyo, Roux Paradowski, Grace Hanson; (standing) Isabel Norton, Simon Norvold, Trinity Mayfield, Emma Huffman, Taylor Yardley, Ian Blake, Carter Petty, Isabella Buth, Wyatt Soucy-Gosso, Garret Hockman, Ryan Benzer, Jax Long, Claire Skwira and Ava Isenberg. Submitted photo2 / 5
(From left): Amber Harstad, Neenah Pregl, Holden Stanek and Mya Huppert put the finishing touches on their baked goods before they go into the oven. Submitted photo3 / 5
HMS students who baked as part of the "Bake for Good" project. (Seated, from left): Noah LaBlanc, Daniella Mellin, Hunter Hess, Amber Harstad, Mya Huppert; (standing) Adam Helwig, Jace Hilger, Darren Chukel, Charlie, Gabrielle Fiorillo, Rebekka Anderson, Margaret Pilgrim, Ella Ettcheson, Anthony Sexe, Samuel Wenzel, Lily Romzek, Neenah Pregl and Holden Stanek. Submitted photo4 / 5
(From left): Anthony Sexe, Hunter Hess and Samuel Wenzel show off their delicious bread during the Hudson Middle School baking project. Submitted photo5 / 5

This past February, Hudson Middle School students in Deb Gangnon's eighth grade Food Science/Snack Shop classes baked and donated bread to HOME (Hudson Outreach Meal for Everyone) Program.

Students also served a meal at Bethel Lutheran Church. Brian Ullom, one of the coordinators of the meals at Bethel Lutheran Church said guests were very appreciative and the student-baked breads were a hit.

As part of this class, students learn the science behind baking bread. Once they learn the basics of bread baking, they explore recipe writing and the science involved to create their own original versions of whole wheat bread. Along the way, students learn how ingredients interact with each other, about food photography and nutrition analysis.

The King Arthur Flour Company sponsored this project, in part. The project encourages students to learn how to bake, the science behind it bread, and gives students the opportunity to serve their community. As part of the program called "Bake for Good," King Arthur Flour Company donates the flour and yeast used for the donations.