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Houlton Elementary gets hands-on cooking pancakes

Houlton Elementary students find poems to share during the “Walk and Read” activity later this month (from left, around the table): Caylee Bauer, Bryn Likness, Mrs. Paulson, Havanna Pelland, Gracie Romzek, Preston Pingle. Photo courtesy of Susan Hellmers1 / 3
Houlton Elementary student Preston Pingle flips a pancake, with Mrs. Miller's assistance. Photo courtesy of Susan Hellmers2 / 3
Houlton Elementary students Bryn Likness and Havanna Pelland help make pancakes for everyone to try. Photo courtesy of Susan Hellmers 3 / 3

The Houlton Elementary Student Health and Wellness committee, led by staff members Julia Miller and Kim Paulson, made banana and blueberry pancakes during their monthly meeting last week. They also created spring poems for a "Read and Walk" they are planning to hold during recess at the end of April.