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Photos: St. Pats performs annual musical

Pictured in Play7 are seventh graders (front, from left) Bradyn Bezanson, Charlie Boomsma, Zachary Daulton, Ethan Hinz, Eli Bailey, Graham Sittlow, James Bauer; (back) Isabelle Aza, Grace Cook, Alyssa Miller, Leah Jacobi and Abby Emmerling. Submitted photo 1 / 4
Pictured in Play4, from left, are Avery Ingram, Sophie Madigan and Ellie Wilson. Submitted photo 2 / 4
Pictured in Play6, from left, are Leah Jacobi, Alyssa Miller, Estelle Siwik, Lauren Goulette, Colwyn Waldal, Michael Weeks, Katherine Giebel, Eli Ramthun and Charlie Loch. Submitted photo3 / 4
Pictured in Play8 are eighth graders (front, from left) Michael Weeks, Jason Dress, Estelle Siwik, Ellie Wilson, Anna Walter, Brady Miller, Eli Ramthun, Connor Faust; (back) Charlie Loch, Rowen Cook, Luc Douglas, Lauren Goulette, Avery Ingram, Jonah Honerman, Sophie Madigan, Katherine Giebel, Harvey Holmstadt, Merrick Heldstab and Colwyn Waldal. Submitted photo4 / 4

St. Patrick School seventh and eighth graders put on their annual musical at The Phipps on May 30 and 31. This year's selection was "Mirror Image."