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Hudson School District has new alert system

The Hudson School District's new emergency information system, ALERTNOW, got a real life workout last week when it was used to advise parents about a possible fake school bus. The system was scheduled to be tested on Monday but appears to have worked well when used to get the word out districtwide about Friday's incident.

According to the district, 14,628 messages were sent on Friday through emails or phone calls in half an hour. This includes multiple attempts per family when there was no connection.

The system will be used only for emergency situations including any school closings due to weather or other emergencies. The system sends a voice or email message to a student's emergency contact number. Parents should update that information with their student's school to assure that any alert reaches them during working and after hours.

Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten said the system performed well on Friday and got the information out to parents quickly, even those working in the Twin Cities.

Following Monday's test, the district will be reviewing problems families experience with receiving messages. The district advises parents to check the following after they receive an alert:

  • The phone number on the caller I.D. will be (715)377-3700; check to see if you have a message before returning the call. You do not need to call this number if you received a message. If you only received a partial message, push any number between 1 and 9 and the message should replay.
  • Some families may have a phone blocking system that does not allow for messages to be left. If your phone has a blocking system please make sure it will allow messages from (715)377-3700.
  • If you would like to change your phone or email contact information, call your child's school building.

    Additional questions and concerns can be directed to the District's email at