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Hudson's Robert Burke heading local Libertarian movement

Robert Burke

A town of Hudson man, Robert Burke, is leading the effort to form a new Libertarian Party affiliate in St. Croix and Pierce counties.

The Libertarian Party of Pierce-St. Croix will be holding its first caucus and accepting new memberships Saturday, Feb. 23. Same day registration for the caucus will begin at 8 a.m. with a prompt 8:30 a.m. caucus start and running until approximately noon.

The elected executive board will be meeting for approximately one hour immediately after for introductions and planning. The event is to be held at the UW-River Falls, University Center, St. Croix Room, number 321, with parking lots F and T the most convenient to the building.

"We needed someone to stand up and start telling the truth about what we are doing to our children's future; to our future," said Burke. "There are tough choices to be made for sure. That's why it's so important for people to attend this caucus.

"As the organizer of the caucus and of a new Libertarian Party affiliate, I extend to you an offer to join our party, a party based on principles rooted in liberty and freedom."

Burke said it is important to bring St., Croix and Pierce counties back together.

"We need to caucus on the shared border, as a stand against politics as usual," Burke said. "Politicians cut River Falls, a city whose "University Town" status was served by one congressman, in two. You can't honestly think two congressmen, in different opposing parties, better serve this community?

"To my friends in the Democrat Party, there are boundaries set by nature that no written law will fix. Our best opportunity is to find the greatest good for the least cost, and you must be coming to the conclusion...this isn't it. We now share that in common.

"And neither party has a reasonable fiscal principle attached to a backbone. You need to come clean to the people as to how much of the taxes they really pay. Every item we buy has state and federal income taxes, Medicare, Medicaid, FICA, and, periodically, union dues, built in. Everything. Imagine the cost of everything cut 40 percent. That's a plan for the poor we Libertarians can get behind.

"I look forward to opening a dialogue. In fact, I challenge you to begin thinking about more than the political gains available in this week's press and consider the larger train of freedom and liberty heading right for you."

Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party says it fights for the individual freedoms for all people and a return to a constitutional government, and sound money practices. To contact the state Libertarian Party, go to or contact the National Libertarian Party at