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Troy Board addresses boat ramp fees

Ida-Ellen Sansom


The Troy town hall meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. on Sept. 8.

Citizen Input: Jill Berke and Mary Jo Nelson spoke of their concerns on the fee for agricultural events being too high. In order to hold barn tours or other such agricultural events, there is a current event fee of $200 in place. This will be discussed on a future agenda after regulations are reviewed.

Park Board and Plan Commission Reports: The Cove boat ramp continues to be busy, especially on weekends. Currently, the Park Board is requesting the Town Board consider increases to daily and annual ramp fees to include the required state tax. A local Girl Scout named Avery Richardson has taken on a project to create a small garden shed on the south side of Glover Park. This will be used for storage of a wheelbarrow, garden tools, and planting materials. This will be no cost to the town as it will be funded by the Girl Scouts.

Park Ranger, Humane Officer, and Sheriff Reports: Glover park is not as popular during the extremely hot days. Park ranger hours have decreased to accommodate park closings. There were nine citations issued in July but zero in August. No real evidence is available to indicate why this might be. The humane office has reported 16 lost dogs and one found rooster in the month of August. There have been a few reports of dogs killing chickens.

Zoning Administrator Report: Camp St. Croix will proceed as normal; the only actions left to be taken by zoning administrator are to approve food vendors. The project to install a fire well on Cliff Jennings’ property is underway and will probably need one more meeting and then need a capital project approved before it can move forward. Once improvements are agreed upon, then progress can begin. The construction project that is working on repairing Tower Road will require additional excavation which will increase the cost. Asphalt will begin being applied next week. There has been speculation that the road has come into disrepair because of the road being inappropriately used for truck passage. The zoning administrator pointed out that even though the new asphalt will strengthen the road, “The less trucks that road takes, the longer the road will last.”

Resolution 2016-05 Just Fix It: There is currently a statewide push to try to get more money for road maintenance, which is being dubbed, “Just Fix it.” The state is asking every town to pass a resolution to move forward. This motion was carried. There will be a gathering to create a more concrete plan on Sept. 29.

Discuss 2016 budgeting process and develop schedule: A budget will need to be finalized for the upcoming year for the town of Troy. The board has decided to meet on Oct. 3 in order to put a plan to paper before Nov. 17.

Clerk/Treasurer report: Recent law changes have made absentee in-person voting available as soon as the ballots are available. With that being said, the public is encouraged to bring in absentee ballots as early as Oct. 31 and as late as Nov. 4. The town hall will have extended hours to accommodate this (Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).