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Complaints surface about winery; hours extended at night

Rick Hagar spoke during citizen input at the town of Troy Board meeting Thursday, Oct. 13, on concerns over the Cracked Barrel Winery’s request for a conditional use permit.

Hagar spoke of wanting to come to the country for peace and quiet “…not to have close neighbors, but to have yards, green grass and a quiet lifestyle.”

Hagar said Cracked Barrel winery, 570 Coulee Trail, which opened July 23, has caused unpleasant disturbances with both light and noise.

He voiced concern over sound, litter, and disruptive light and suggested there be a buffer tree line; lights aimed away from neighboring homes; a limit on the number of parked cars; or for the Town Board to refuse the winery’s request for a conditional use permit.

Dan Koepke of Cracked Barrel Winery was at the Town Board meeting and was asked to give an update for the winery’s existing conditional use permit.

Addressing Hagar’s concerns, Koepke mentioned that the lights are motion sensitive and are the only lights on the premises.

Addressing the tree barrier concern, Koepke said so far there have been 25 grown trees and 35 baby pine trees planted to replace dead pines from the previous resident, to provide a privacy and sound screen.

Since the wine-tasting experience usually takes about an hour and a half, a lot of customers have asked that the winery be open until past 6 p.m.

Koepke’s recommendation to the board is to extend the weeknight hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., grant the winery a permit to sell beer, allow live music and allow an outside food vendor to serve food to the winery’s patrons.

There was much deliberation over concerns on the last two motions.

Because of this, Koepke was given the choice of moving forward with the first three options only or waiting a month for further deliberation.

Koepke chose to move forward with the first three and come back in a year to address the motion to approve a food truck and live music.

The motion including the first three requests, including later hours at night and selling beer, was approved.

From other citizen input, a resident spoke about when he visited Cove Boat Ramp and received a citation for not paying the $5 fee, even though he said he did pay the fee but the ranger was just unable to find it until later.

Jill Berke spoke on the September Park Board report. Boat ramp fees were increased since the last Park Board meeting. There is a volunteer work day coming up on Saturday, Nov. 5, in which people are invited to attend and participate.

The Nov. 5 work day will focus on removing overgrown trees and brush near Eagle Trail and possibly other areas. Contact Jodie Duntley for more information.

There is also work planned in the future to remove invasive buckthorn and prickly ash for either this fall or early winter.

Pemble’s Access is now closed and trash bins have been picked up. The 2017 budget has been submitted to the town clerk for Town Board consideration.

From the sheriff’s report, mention was made of funds that are being distributed toward having a deputy do additional patrols every month.

Suzanne Van Mele recommended on behalf of the Park Board to increase the current Cove boat launch fees to mimic Hudson’s boat launch fees. The current fees are $5 daily and $35 annual for residents and $7.50 daily and $70 annual for non-residents.

The fees recommended would be $8 daily and $80 annual for resident and $12 daily and $120 annual for non-residents. The board agreed that it would be OK with these amounts but that the annual fee for residents should decrease from the recommendation.

Van Mele made a motion to raise boat launch fees to $8 daily and $50 annual for residents and $12 daily and $120 annual for non-resident. The motion was passed, effective Jan. 1.

The Park Board has made a recommendation to create a multi-purpose building in Glover Park that would include flush toilets, kitchen area and a concession stand. It has been requested of the Town Board to grant an initial budget to start the initial planning process.

Jason Kjos moved to authorize the Park Board to move forward with the planning process with a budget not to exceed $10,000. The full Town Board then approved this.

Discussion to consider a capital project to modify the current Jenning’s irrigation well into a joint irrigation and fire department well was initiated by the zoning administration.

Ray Knapp moved to authorize a budget not to exceed $75,000 to approve the Jenning’s irrigation well. The board approved.

Potential solutions to increase speed limit control on Glover Road were brought up. A possible idea is a portable light up speed limit monitor that’s available for free from the sheriff’s office. In addition, it was suggested that another 35 mph sign could be put up to support the recent speed limit change.