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Focus in Troy: Park activities; enforcement patrol; baseball deal

The Cove Boat Ramp continues to have activity, according to Jill Berke, who spoke on the Park Board agenda before the Troy Town Board last Thursday.

Buckthorn has continued to be an invasive plant problem, Berke said, so the park board has awarded the project of removing the buckthorn to Habitat Creations of Clear Lake for $6,800.

The company uses a basal treatment with Progoney, a generic formula used for buckthorn mixed with oil for winter treatment. Work has begun in the Oak Trail area and the project will complete as much as possible without exceeding its budget, Berke said.

The multi-purpose building that was proposed in the last few meetings is now being discussed by a subcommittee led by Patrick Bielfus from Cedar Corp.

They discussed what was important for a successful stewardship grant application. The grant application is due May 1 and awards are announced as early as June.

The current Ball Organization’s agreement ends at the end of December. The new agreement was presented this week. The final agreement is to be reviewed by the town board at a later meeting.

Sheriff’s report

Captain Jeff Klatt of the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department spoke on the time his force spends in Troy. It was suggested that perhaps the focus of deputies should be shifted to after-work hours to supervise speeding issues on Glover Road.

Klatt was open to changing current work shifts to help the town’s needs.

Further clarification was made on the items that were excluded from the existing contract, such as “transient merchants” or “intoxicating liquors.”

The zoning administrator reported on citation and violation procedures. It was suggested that the Town Board discuss a possibility of granting the zoning administrator more autonomy with citation and violation procedures in the future.

Baseball agreement renewal

Lowell Enerson of the Park Board spoke about progress on the Youth Baseball Agreement Renewal for 2017.

The Town Board was able to fully review the agreement renewal.

Jan Cuccia made a motion for the agreement renewal between the town of Troy and The Hudson Booster Club and The River Falls Traveling Baseball League Motion was carried by roll call.

Impound services

The Letter of Understanding for Impound Housing Services, an agreement with the Animal Humane Society to take in stray animals from the animal control officer, was discussed.

A motion to renew was carried by roll call.

The city of River Falls Emergency Medical Services Contract was discussed with limited information as Troy’s Town Board has not been invited to River Falls medical services meetings. A motion to accept this contract was carried.

Ambulance contract

The Hudson Emergency Medical and Ambulance Service Contract was reviewed. It was moved that the town approve the 2017 Emergency Medical and Ambulance Service Contract between the town of Troy and Hudson for 2017.

The motion was carried by roll call. Mobile Home Court Licenses were moved to be approved; the motion was carried.

Troy Board candidate deadline

Candidates running for the Troy Board in the spring election have until 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3 to submit their nomination papers with a minimum of 20 signatures. Forms are available at Troy Town Hall.

In other business:

  • During the public comment part of the meeting, Eric Bennett of 676 Coulee Trail, Hudson requested the board consider using Hudson ambulance service in the future for Troy residents to resolve a delay issue that has arisen with ambulance services now coming from River Falls.

  • The humane officer’s report indicated several dogs and one ferret as reported lost.

  • Five utility permits from June until the end of November were approved.

  • Magellan Pipeline is now working on grounding a natural gas line that runs mostly over private property.

  • Park Ranger Ron Schock said despite frigid conditions, there is still activity at the boat launch and at the parks.

  • Jan Cuccia and Suzanne Van Mele reported on proposed salary and compensation increases for multiple town employees -- such as recycle center employees, park rangers, and road crew. The motion proposed to approve compensation increases was carried by roll call.

  • Weight restrictions on Tower Road are being looked into by Town Board Chairman Dan Pearson and Supervisor Jason Kjos by talking to the city of Hudson.

  • Jill Berke proposed a change to the current park fees. The motion was postponed until clarification with the Department of Natural Resources could be had.