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NH approves permits for Kwik Trip, apartments

Two new projects are set to move forward along Highway 35 in North Hudson, following conditional use permit approvals from the Village Board at its meeting on Tuesday, June 5.

Kwik Trip

The village board approved a conditional use permit for a 20-pump Kwik Trip off Highway 35 near North End Road by Mama Maria's.

Kwik Trip Vice President Scott Teigen said the company is focused on food, in addition to the gas pumps.

"We're very, very food-orientated," Teigen said.

Teigen said he has been looking at North Hudson for a while, before focusing in on this spot.

"It's a good community and we should have been here before this," he said.

Board Member Cathy Leaf said she had heard concerns that the Kwik Trip was going in close to another gas station, Freedom, just a couple blocks away.

Teigen said Kwik Trip is more remotely-owned than Freedom is now, and is focused on being involved in the community.

"We're not going to put the Freedom store out of business," Teigen said.

The new store will have 30 employees, full time and part time.

Construction for the station is set for 2019. An extension for the permit was approved to match this timeline.

Plan Commission Chair Mike Miser said the city and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation might look at adding a two-way left turn lane to the area or a right turn lane northbound on Highway 35. For now, the area is slated for an exclusive left turn lane southbound on Highway 35.

Teigen said the company is in agreement to pay for improvements recommended by the traffic impact study.


A conditional use permit was also approved for a residential development by Gerrard Corporation off Highway 35 southeast of Krattley Lane.

The development will house 35 apartments with one-, two- and three-bedroom options. The apartments are for moderate- and lower-income residents.

The four buildings will be one- and two-stories, working with the slope of the area. Three will be apartment buildings, and a fourth is a parking garage. The development has more than 70 spaces between the garage and other areas, more than two for each unit.

"We're trying to keep this so that it's residential appearance, residential feel," Brad Kortbein, architect and construction manager, said.

Project Engineer Todd Erickson said the site plan was revised to include comments from the plan commission and the public.

Trees and fencing will be used to create privacy at different areas, and downlights will be used for resident safety while decreasing light pollution.

Paul Gerrard said the company has built more than 250 units in the last 12 years, with three other projects in this area.

"We're not strangers at all to your community, this county and the greater area," Gerrard said.

Construction for the project will begin late August or early September, Gerrard said.

Discussion on a zoning amendment to a separate parcel that the development would like to use for resident storage was tabled so the board could determine proper wording.

Rebecca Mariscal

Rebecca Mariscal joined the Hudson Star Observer as a reporter in 2016. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in communication and journalism. 

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