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UW-Extension to host workshop on legal aspects of boundary agreements

From 10 a.m. to noon on Oct. 3, local government law educator Philip Freeberg, J.D., from the

UW Extension's Local Government Center, will lead a workshop on the legal aspects of

intergovernmental cooperation, including considerations for boundary agreements.

Intergovernmental Cooperation is the general name for two or more governments finding mutual

benefit through cooperation. The potential benefits from intergovernmental cooperation include

shared services, improved planning outcomes, reduced costs, and beneficial boundary

agreements. However, cooperative arrangements also need to carefully consider a range of

legal issues as well as the framework for initiating and carrying intergovernmental discussions.

Intergovernmental cooperation is built upon identification of mutually important or beneficial

issues, trust and cooperative dialogue. The process can range significantly in time depending

upon how complicated the issues are, how attuned the parties are to finding a solution, and the

legal hurdles that must be overcome.

Freeberg teaches participants about these issues, including identifying opportunities for intergovernmental cooperation, legal issues impacting design and implementation of intergovernmental cooperation, potential impact on local financial situations, expectation and evidence of benefits, and framing cooperative issues appropriately. A case study approach will be used for participants to work through the details of a sample process.

This workshop is presented as the final part of a series of intergovernmental cooperation topics.

Previous topics have included land use planning and zoning, water pollution trading and

anaerobic digester biorefinery systems. This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in the

topic of intergovernmental cooperation, especially elected officials and practitioners.

The workshop will be held at the St. Croix County Agriculture Services Center, 1960 Eighth Ave., Baldwin. Contact Eric Biltonen, UW Extension at 715-531-1941 for questions or details.

Please register at: . (Enrollment is limited to 50