Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels signs campaign sign. 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels stumped in New Richmond Tuesday afternoon as part of a six stop blitz one week before the election. 

Michels stuck to his well-rehearsed script slamming incumbent Governor Tony Evers on taxes, crime and education.

“They know they have a weak candidate. They know they’re on the wrong side of the issues.

What do I mean? Inflation is up. Crime is up. Education test scores are down and your 401(k) value is down as well … No one can say that they are better off now than they were 4 years ago,” Michels said.

Michels equated the $5.8 billion revenue surplus in Madison with overtaxation and promised to put “more money in people’s pockets by doing massive tax reform.”

“Tony Evers is running around bragging like it's a good thing. As a fiscally conservative frugal businessman, I think it's an awful thing. That’s your money. You worked hard for that money.You’re over taxed and I want to put it back in your pocket so you can spend it on goods and services that you want, that benefit you and your family,” said Michels.

Michels claimed that Governor Evers pledged to “cut in half the prison population in Wisconsin” and that he was well on his way having “released over 1000 convicted felons on early parole.” 

Michels added that among the 1000 felons were 300 convicted murderers including “cop killers and 44 child rapists.”

Michels associated the crime wave with the defund the police movement and a deliberate effort by “Joe Biden and his liberal cronies in Washington DC and Tony Evers and his liberal cronies in Madison to tear down the fabric of our society.”

Michels promised to support the police and restore law and order.

“I’m going to back the blue. I’m going to stand with the men and women in law enforcement. And these catch and release DA’s that are letting these bad guys out on the street the next day, I’m going to fire them,” Michels said.

Citing lower test scores, the failure of public education to listen to parents and indoctrinating students rather than teaching them, Michels pledged to reform education through universal school choice.

Michels claimed that student scores on the Wisconsin Forward exam and National Achievement Test (NAT) continue to go down while students at nine schools scored a zero on the reading comprehension test.

“Not a single student in the entire school can read,” Michels claimed.

Michels characterized school boards as “educrats” claiming to be “smarter than you” when parents show up to challenge what they are teaching and how they are teaching it.

“They’re not teaching. They’re indoctrinating,” Michels said.

Michels said the answer to better education is universal school choice, allowing parents to choose where their tuition dollars go. 

“We are going to do universal school choice. We’re going to empower parents. Those tuition dollars will go with their sons and daughters to the school of their choice. Now they're going to have to listen to their customers, which are families and taxpayers. We are going to stop the CRT and get back to the ABCs,” Michels said.

Michels believes in election integrity and the way to get there is to pass the laws that Governor Evers vetoed.

“We’re going to stop the zuckerbucks, stop the ballot harvesting, stop the indefinitely confined status, and we will get election integrity here in the state of Wisconsin,” Michels said. ”After I’m governor, 2 years from now. 4 years from now, 6 years from now, nobody is ever going to be asking these questions about the elections. I give you my oath.”

Michels characterized recent television ads as slander and dispelled the claims of sexual harassment against his company, Michels Corporation, by providing the numbers. 

“Five allegations over the 62 year history of the company and zero have been proven true. We have over 8000 employees. I’ll let you decide, if you think 5 is a good number or bad, I’m not going to say anything,” Michels said. “We’ve reached a new low in politics.The liberal woke left will stop at nothing to win this thing.”


Do you have a plan for sharing that 2.5 billion dollars in extra revenue? 

“What we’re going to use that for is the things that are important to the people of WI. Number one, we need to fight inflation so we’re going to do tax reform. Number two, we’re going to have more money for law enforcement and number three, as governor, I’m going to have more  money than any other governor for education. That’s what the priorities are for the people of WI. I’m a common sense leader. I listen to the people and that’s what we’re going to use that excess money for. 

One of the big issues around here has been recruitment for firefighters and police officers, it’s been thin pickings. How do you solve that?

There are a lot of young men and women that are wired to want to become police officers or firefighters. But right now there is a culture in this state, in America, where people are questioning whether they want to do that. We’re going to flip the switch. We are going to make it okay and desirable again for young men and women to go into law enforcement, to become firefighters and also teachers. Teaches are fearful right now because there’s lack of discipline in the classroom and lack of discipline in the hallways. So we’re going to get back the rule of order in WI. We’re going to support the people that are doing the primary role in government and that is law enforcement, firefighting and teaching. 

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sue curtis

I am surprised that Tim Michels does not value the surplus in Wisconsin. As a businessman, saving for a rainy day should be important. Wisconsin will remain strong and will weather any further recession with this surplus, if needed. Tim Michels claims about Wisconsin sound exactly like claims in other State races. All talking points from the Republican Party. Here is the Western Wisconsin Journal Interview of Governor Evers that addresses the outrageous claims made in those numerous flyers you all are receiving. https://youtu.be/0k2cZad2Im

Additionally, Michels' goal for public education is to destroy it. Any vote for Michels is a vote to dismantle our schools. The Hudson community is already concerned about closing both Willow River and Houlton Elementary Schools. With Michels as Governor, we will surely be seeing a huge reduction of State funding from Hudson Schools leaving the cost of education on the local taxpayers. This would be disaster for our community.

Dan Bushman

First: Please, somebody! Name one (ONE!) "successful businessman" who went into politics at a high level (governor, senator, president...) and was anything but ineffective, corrupt, or both. Michels brags about being a "frugal businessman." Sounds good unless you aren't getting raises and have lousy benefits. Go to his company's benefit website and, if you want all the euphemisms translated for you let me know. At best, it's the minimally standard stuff with a bunch of happy sounding nonsense. And its all sitting under a "we demand a lot" steam of slogans. "Competitive wages" means "as little as we have to and still have a workforce" and "comprehensive benefits" has no real definition at all - very easy to say without having to define it. Not listed in best companies to work for, I notice.

Second: All his education stance means is he doesn't want students hearing anything that their parents don't already know and that they might find surprising and uncomfortable. Like that riots in 1960s Milwaukee stemmed from the racial injustice of allowing race to determine housing rights. The Milwaukee Common Council only adopted open housing laws after federal laws forced them to. 100 years after the Civil War. This is factual and filled with good lessons that, if learned from, might make the future better. Instead, they're tagged "indoctrination" by people who "liked it the old way."

Three: His crime issue all too easily translates into "be afraid that people who don't look like you are coming to get you." And "we need more cops." To say he's doing anything but making sure people feel scared is to be naïve. The county, the state, and the country have plenty of police. A businessman would ask "how do we reduce that headcount and get a better result." Heard that a million times. But he isn't even close to saying that. So how good a businessman is he?

Tim Michels next business venture should be starting a dog whistle factory. That is where his expertise lies.

Roger Miller

Everything Tim Michels says shows us that he's a Trump radical.

Radical on abortion - Michels fully supports Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban that bans abortions even in cases of rape or incest, saying that the ban is an “exact mirror of my position.”

Radical on education - Michels' plan could raise property taxes by $500 million to fund private schools, and take taxpayer dollars away from public schools. 

Radical on guns - Michels opposes any ban on assault weapons, said and that he would lift restrictions on firearms. Opposes background checks for domestic abusers.

Radical on election - He will not accept elections results if he loses. And he has supported the taxpayer-funded Gableman investigation costing over $1 million, baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

You don't have to BE a Democrat to vote for Tony Evers, who works tirelessly for the citizens of Wisconsin and will do even more in his next term.

You need only care about the future of Wisconsin for you and your family.

Pam Fricke

What the previous commenters said. And from a woman's perspective, you can kiss goodbye to choosing the healthcare that's best for you. Although Michels now says he would sign a bill that bans abortion but make exceptions for rape or incest, he's also said the 1849 law "is an exact mirror of my position." Wisconsin women, stand up for your rights and vote Blue in '22.

Everett Fuchs

As an independent voter who follows the issues closely because I vote for the person not the party I can tell you it would take many pages of comment to refute in detail the pack of lies that Michaels is selling. Past history tells us that 1) Republicans govern to favor the rich and stick it to the middle class 2) Republicans suppress voting and make it harder for someone like me who is now on crutches to vote 3) Republicans defund our public schools and send the money to the private schools favored by their rich followers 4) Public school teachers have been almost persecuted by Republicans 5) Republicans incite their followers to create chaos and intimidation at school board meetings 6) Republicans have gutted water quality standards in Wisconsin resulting in increased pollution of lakes, streams, and ground water which many depend on for drinking 7) Republicans have voted against more funding for community policing in Wisconsin 8) Republicans wrote the book on using propaganda, mis-information, lies, and darn lies in politics 9) Republicans will not work to solve our most basic problems, they only are critical of others, whiners are a dime a dozen 10) Republicans like Michaels and the others in Wisconsin are just “water-boys” and “slick mouthpieces” for their donors like Koch Industries who have worked tirelessly for years to create a government at both the local and state level that governs to favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us. 11) Michaels is a great salesman but I am an informed consumer and I am not buying the message of this carpetbagger. Evers on the other side is really not a great salesman but he gets things done that benefit all of us. He 1) fixes the roads and bridges 2) increased funding for community policing 3) cut taxes for the middle class 3) increased funding for public schools 4) addressed the climate crisis 5) saved many small businesses with grants during the pandemic 6) worked to protect our air and water and undertook many other actions to benefit all the citizens, not just a favored few. Bottom line: Evers is a good Governor with integrity and honesty who cares deeply about the people of Wisconsin. Michaels is a rich carpetbagger cares only about having political power to be used as he chooses to benefit him and his friends. Your vote. Your choice. Thanks to the Star Observer for providing an opportunity for public conversation as there are few to no other opportunities in our community. Everett H. Fuchs

Paul Hambleton

Thank you for reporting on this event, Star Observer. Michels' fusillade of disinformation, fear mongering, and outright lies should give everyone a clear idea of their choice in this election. That's how Michels would govern. We been through some tough years in Wisconsin, and Gov Evers has been a steady hand. With the severely gerrymandered legislature enabling him, he'd be able to do just what he says, and perhaps more. Let's upend Michels before he upends the state. Vote Evers for Governor.

Ernest Gravseth

In this article there was many issues that just don't make sense. The first is that surplus is a bad thing. The states are required by law to not go into debt. If there is no surplus projects that require matching funds will not get done. The second is to assume that Wisconsin is the only place that has an issue with hiring more police and fire men is not looking at the fact that many if not all have that issue.

The issue of inflation is that if is government's failure is wrong. Oil companies are over charging to increase profits. That is an example, the fed increases interest rates to drop demand. We can drop prices by only purchasing items we need and stop building up a balance on credit cards.


Michels would be worse than Walker. If you think your schools and roads are bad now, they’ll be a disaster if republicans get control of state government.

kristine rucker

soo under the current government control for the past few years. budget surplus, terrible roads as you stated, schools are trying to indoctrinate our children, inflation is a fact and so lets just reward the people responsible and keep them in office. seems logical

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