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The GOP was furious when Donald Trump lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, so they did their best to convince the American public that the election had been "stolen."  We now know that the only people interested in stealing an election was the GOP. Trump and his allies did their best to overturn a legitimate election, and many already have been convicted of crimes in that endeavor with many others yet to be prosecuted. 

But in recent elections, many voters have turned away from Republicans and elected Democrats instead, leaving the GOP to resort to illegal bullying tactics to get their way. One example is the expulsion of two young Black legislators in Tennessee for entering the well of the House of Representatives without permission just seconds prior to a recess. They were exercising their First Amendment right to free speech after the Republicans who control the legislature refused to recognize gun control advocates during Thursday's session. Yes, they broke some "rule of decorum," but the only other expulsions in Tennessee have been for legislators who had committed crimes.  

We don't have to look at other states to see what legislators are trying to do to duly elected officials. The Wisconsin GOP is again furious that their candidate didn't win. Janet Protasiewicz soundly defeated Dan Kelly by 11 percentage points, over 200,000 votes, so what are the Republican legislators in Wisconsin doing? By their own admission, they are hatching a plan to impeach Protasiewicz. For what? Lawfully winning her election. 

Some Wisconsin GOP lawmakers tried to take part in the "fake elector scheme" when Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election and now are trying to remove a legitimately elected Wisconsin Supreme Court justice. Citizens in Wisconsin need to realize that Wisconsin GOP legislators are trying to take away their voting rights in order to stay in power. Voters must remove these people from office at their next election. If voters don't insist that their legitimately elected officials take and remain in office, elections don't matter. That is how democracies become autocracies.

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Everett Fuchs

I agree with you Ms. Wright.

Steven Mael


I seem to recall how Hillary Clinton, and the entire left, has been screaming and crying and pounding her fist on how Trump stole the election from her, FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS!

I seem to recall how people marched to the U.S. Capitol on a January 6 were actually ushered into that building and even some lead through the halls by police officers, only to be put in solitary confinement for over two years, having their due process rights violated for what isn’t even legally a trespassing violation, because they weren’t kick out. Unlike the 2011 Wisconsn Capitol riotous insurrection that literally inhabited and disrupted that building for three months, and then continued for many years afterward. So really, a couple of legislators being sent home is worse than having your life destroyed because you protested in DC, or that wiping poop and putting permanent marker on the granite walls and kicking through the doors of of our Capitol is somehow, okay? I’m now 35% deaf because of that “peaceful protest”.

And when you say, “…Wisconsin GOP legislators are trying to take away their voting rights in order to stay in power.”, it really goes to show how uninformed you are. It was Vos who gave people the right to vote illegally during the lockdowns. Making sure someone lives in the community that they vote and have that right to vote there is not taking away people’s right to vote it just isn’t disenfranchising those, like you where you vote, by nullifying your vote. That is how a democracy gives way to authoritarianism!

Yes Rebecca, you need to get out more, read, watch and listen to something other than progressive propaganda, educate yourself on more than just your desired narrative, and understand that $45m is not normal for a Supreme Court Justice election. You may believe in “Janet”, but the truth is this election was bought with lies and adverting, by people who are out to manipulate you for their self interest, just like most of the other stuff that you own was.

Amy Breault

You don’t have to look too far to see what happens with Democrats have complete control — have you seen what is happening in MN? I assume you don’t because what has happened is the exact opposite of what you’re claiming. Furthermore, let’s discuss attack ads and campaign funding - Soros, Zuckerberg etc…. But no, instead you all accuse the GOP of exactly what you’re guilty of. Facts matter, we just don’t discuss them or care to verify and research anything first. Again, blame the GOP all you want but please, at the very least admit the part Soros and Zuckerberg play in almost every democrat campaign. Especially here in Wisconsin.

Aaron Daigle

100% correct Amy. Democrats would do well to learn the definition of hypocrite. We talk about insurrections? Who created it? Yes, the was the left wing feds. Theft of election? Suppression of the Hunter laptop story saved the election for Biden. These are facts and democrats have turned this country into a banana republic!

Erica Johnson

Please share the horrors of what is happening in MN. Do you mean the $17.5 BILLION surplus? Or the free breakfast and lunches for all children when 1 in 8 children have food insecurity. Please let me know what you are talking about when you say what is happening in MN?

Aaron Daigle

Erica, a $17B surplus is BAD, not good. That's excess taxation that will be spent, again (have done this for several years now) not returned to taxpayers whose money it is. Next you have the abortion for all laws that allow anyone at any age at any stage of pregnancy to get an abortion. This is utterly tragic! Then you have the city council, mayors, governor, AGs, DAs, and all of congress that have led the national charge of abandoning the prosecution of violent crime. They have some of the most generous welfare programs in the world giving your money to illegal immigrants while they wait a DECADE for their hearings. Last but not least, they have proposed laws that allow minors to make permanent physical alterations to their bodies because that is now popular for some reason. And when the parents say NO, like in California, the state can take custody and move forward with "treatment." I could continue but these things are evil. There is no other way to say it. Make no mistake, "horrors" is no exaggeration.

Erica Johnson

Abortion is healthcare and the fact that you can't see that is frightening. These things have happened in our state since the abortion ban: One woman, suffering from an incomplete miscarriage bled for 10 days after emergency room staff turned her away, afraid that by removing fetal tissue they would be opening themselves up to felony charges and possible imprisonment under Wisconsin’s 1849 law.

Another woman, who found out she was carrying a fetus with no brain, could not get an abortion and had to travel out of state, which forced her to delay the procedure until it posed a greater risk to her health and future fertility.

The OB/GYNs are leaving IN DROVES. I was in Rice Lake and was informed that there is no OB/GYNs around the area, the closest are Duluth or Eau Claire, but please tell me how utterly tragic having access to healthcare is in MN.

As for your false flag of giving money to illegal immigrants, that is false. No illegal person can get benefits, https://www.house.mn.gov/hrd/pubs/ncitzhhs.pdf

No one is operating on trans kids, they are not permanently altering their bodies, minors are usually supported with counseling and hormones or hormone suppressors (which is completely reversable). https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-states-stop-interfering-health-care-transgender-children or here to explain it https://www.politico.com/newsletters/politico-nightly/2022/03/25/the-transgender-care-that-states-are-banning-explained-00020580

Also, let's not get California into this, I was asking about MN.

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