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Letters to the editor: Disappearing dollars; An open letter to Sen. Johnson and Rep. Duffy

Driven by fear


Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, Fox News and House Republicans are working hard at destroying Robert Mueller's credibility.

If these people manage to close down the Russian investigation the American people will not have their answer to if there was collusion by Trump and his campaign or not.

If they are so innocent what are they so afraid of? Is Mueller and his team getting closer and closer to the president and White House?

Robert Mueller is an ethical, moral Republican man who doesn't deserve the attacks he is getting. If only President Trump, the White House and Fox News had half the morals this man has.

The FBI and justice department are doing the job they were appointed or hired for, protecting America and its people.

Donald Trump wants to control every aspect of government plus the media. Just like his hero Vladimir Putin has done in Russia.

Faye Schlemmer


Benefits of the tax overhaul


My sister, who is raising her three daughters alone and who can be considered a member of the working poor, will see an approximate $60 extra in her bank account in 2018.

The GOP's celebrated tax overhaul will allow my sister to buy one of her daughters a new pair of shoes this year worry free ... never mind that the daughter who is going to wear these shoes will get to help shoulder the $1.4 trillion that will be added to the national debt over the next decade when she joins the workforce. (Front page of the Pioneer Press, 12/21/17 titled "Trump, GOP celebrate tax overhaul").

There will always be those that take handouts rather than go to work and this frustrates me as much as the next person. But the recently passed tax overhaul throws families like my sister's under the bus while rewarding those that make more than $733,000 per year with a tax savings of about $51,000 per year. The disparity is mind boggling and makes me wonder how much money one needs to be happy.

Shame on lawmakers and those that influence their votes—where is their moral compass and how can they sleep at night? And what are we everyday citizens going to do to demand better?

Laura Arthur


Endorsement letters


While I applaud your fundamental merits, I regret your reasoning.

By charging you undermine the potential best underfunded candidate underdog. While paid opinion articles will continue to be used by wealthy candidates, PACs, and parties, the new rising stars with little funding will suffer and we will continue to have old money "boys club," swamp-infested puppets continue to control our political forums, councils, and offices. Is there a best solution, maybe? But crippling good people with fresh ideas and little support or finances is not going to solve the current political climate mess that we are experiencing.

Steven Mael


Of confident Christians


The holiday season in Hudson offers many kindnesses. We see churches offering free Christmas dinners, merchants collecting toys for children, and bell ringers raising funds to help families they don't even know.

Despite these things, we cannot help but see all that is wrong in the world, but people doing good deeds still find their way to shape our community. Finding the path to a positive welcoming community is the blessing I am feeling during this holiday time. I am a part of the Hudson Inclusion Alliance; we are made up of Democrats and Republicans, Christians and non-Christians, and people from traditional and nontraditional Wisconsin origins.

The Christians in our group make it a point to embrace Christmas, and because they are confident in their faith, they recognize friends who celebrate Hanukkah and make room for those who question religious teachings. These are people who understand that other people's differences do not threaten the foundation of who they are or what they believe. Our constitution is based on principles of religious freedom and many communities are learning how to give this ideal a more enthusiastic embrace.

Last week I drove through a small town that had a public nativity scene in its town square. I learned that local a Christian group chipped in to cover the costs of a 10-foot Jewish menorah that lights up bright just across from the square. This thoughtful group of Christians wanted to recognize a small population in their town and knew they needed the additional financial support to make this good thing happen.

I also have learned that many K-12 choral directors across the United States include a Hanukkah song as part of their public school's holiday concert, even though they only have a handful of Jewish students. These are all decisions being made by the dominant culture of Christians, who are making room to welcome different beliefs and traditions.

Hudson has many residents who support this central, caring position. The Hudson Inclusion Alliance includes individuals who want to cultivate positive community action. We are a growing group wanting to help institutions take steps forward for diversity. Both Christians and non-Christians in my life have made this a caring and supportive holiday season for my family and friends. I thank all of you, and I am grateful to be a part of the positive changes you are inspiring for all of us.

Tony Bol


A holiday treat just for me


One day last week when I opened my snail-mail I smiled at the surprise waiting for me. I have to give special thanks to my secret Santa from Citizens for the St. Croix Valley. How did they know that I wanted their propaganda literature to enlighten myself on "Radical Islam's Threat to the US Constitution?!"

I've been wanting to read firsthand some of CFTSCV's reference materials to better understand their fearful mindset, and my wish came true. Thanks again for thinking of me and for sending your prejudicial thoughts my way. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and a joyful Kwanza to you! God bless.

Eden Penn


Hope to victims


St. Croix County is very fortunate to have Judge R. Michael Waterman in their courtroom. This week Judge Waterman very accurately recognized a domestic abuse case for what it was — domestic abuse and sexual assault. He clearly observed the victim truthfully answering intimate and very personal questions in detail and the abuser blatantly lying.

There is hope when judges recognize domestic abuse and are willing to call it what it is. This should be encouraging to any domestic abuse victim to know that there is a judge out there that will believe them — even when their story seems too bizarre to have even happened. Thank you Judge Waterman! You are a breath of fresh air and bring hope to victims!!

Thank you!

Darlene Bochman


Political indignation?


You were our chosen leaders, governors, legislators, and president. You were called to direct our states and our nation and to be our moral compass and balanced voice. In times of disarray and frustration, you donned the mantles of moral fervor and robes of justice. I watched as you named the demons among us who were the downfall of our nation.

They were the immigrants, the gays, the blacks, the Muslim, or the poor. We were to trust your word, honor of your efforts, and follow your lead. You have taken to the national stage dressed to play the role of a leader but you have no character.

Most recently, I have watched as you legitimized a sexual predator and condoned name-calling, lies, threats, and bullying in order to protect your own personal or political goals. You have dramatically changed your opinions from one day to the next. No sullied behavior has been beyond your support or legitimization if it furthered your objectives or protected your own past.

And now I hear you blaming a new demon for our national issues. It is now that fault of the press, the FBI, or an intrusive investigator. You demonstrate annoyance rather than understanding for our sick, disabled, and elderly. The most vulnerable no longer are your concern. You pursue legal grounds to justify your actions while having no moral grounding.

You were our leaders but that can no longer continue. Now when you point to a culprit and call for our indignation, I can no longer trust your judgment or believe in your accusations. I can no longer call you my leaders.

Deborah Monicken

North Hudson