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Hudson police: Stolen LGBT flag; Fishtailing minor

Business burglary

On Friday, Feb. 2 at 9 a.m., a burglary was reported at Mcsorley Insurance Agency on Second Street. Employees said when they arrived to work the door was locked and they didn't notice anything suspicious. They then noticed cash was missing. They estimated about $150 was missing. No damage was found to the front door. There is a camera by the front door but none inside the business.

Damage or no damage?

On Friday, Feb. 2 at 9 p.m., a woman reported suspicious activity on Ward Avenue. The woman said she parked the vehicle she was driving close to the passenger side of a white car, though she did not believe she parked close enough to cause an issue. When she returned to her vehicle later, the white car appeared to be parked even closer. When opening the driver side door of the vehicle, the woman said she was careful to avoid hitting the door of the white car. When she did so, a woman got out of the vehicle accusing her of doing damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. The woman said she saw no damage, but gave the other woman her information anyways. She said she wanted to make a report because she was worried she was going to be falsely accused.

Fishtailing minor

A citation for disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle was issued to a minor on Saturday, Feb. 3 at midnight. The minor driver was seen fishtailing, or drifting, in a lot on Crest View Drive.

Split muffler

A suspicious noise brought an officer to a residence on Nicholas Way at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 3. The complainant stated he heard a large boom, and then looked outside and saw a black four-door sedan leave the area. On the way, the officer saw and pulled over a vehicle matching this description. The driver said he was at a friend's house on Nicholas Way, and did not hear the noise and was not involved in any way. Once at the caller's residence, the man initially told the officer he wasn't able to find any evidence of a noise in the area. As the officer was about to clear, the man came back, saying he had observed damage to the muffler on his vehicle. The sheet metal portion of the muffler was split open and the interior was exposed. Black dust was around the area. The caller said he wasn't aware of anyone that had issues with him. The damage is estimated to be $500.

Give me my keys

A woman called police at 4:45 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3 from Second Street after an argument with her boyfriend where he would not give her her keys back. The woman said they got into an argument while driving down the street, and the boyfriend stopped the car in the road and she got out. She said he refused to return her keys before finally giving them back. She said nothing physical happened. An officer called the boyfriend who said nothing physical happened and he was going home.

Hotel hullabaloo

An officer responded to a disturbance at Quality Inn on Dominion Drive at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 4. Two women arrived at the hotel and went to a room, where they began talking loudly and arguing with the guest of the room. When staff asked them to quiet down, they began yelling at them. They were told to leave or police would be called, to which they responded "go ahead." A staff member said the women were not welcome back, but the guests of the room could stay.

Harassment reported

A possible protection order violation was reported on Monday, Feb. 5 by a resident of Brookstone Circle. The woman said she had a protection order against a man who has been constantly texting and calling her since the order was issued. She also said he took mail out of her mailbox and writes about her on social media. She was advised she would need to present a copy of the protection order and was asked to send copies of the text messages to the officer. She later sent texts that did not have dates or times attached to them. On Feb. 6, she had not sent a copy of the protection order, and asked direction on how to get one.

Stolen LGBT flag

An LGBT rainbow flag was reported stolen from a home on Fifth Street 3:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 5. The resident last saw the flag on Saturday night, and her son realized it was missing Sunday morning. This is the fourth time a flag like this has been stolen from the residence. The cost was valued at no more than $20.