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Hudson police reports: Parking lot fight; McDonald's melee

Sticky fingers

A tow dolly was reported stolen from the Penske Truck Rental on Crest View drive at 3 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15. The manager stated the dolly could have been taken as long ago as Nov. 30, 2017. Other stores have been checked but the dolly was not located. It's valued at $1,896.


• A minor was arrested on a warrant on Thursday, Feb. 15 at Walmart on Crest View Drive following a disturbance. Police were called for a man who was using loud and obscene language in the store, and became threatening after employees told him to calm down. When officers approached, the man told them to get away from him and attempted to walk away. Officers told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct, and he began pulling away and yelling. Officers directed him to the floor and handcuffed him. A woman identified as the minor's mother asked he be released to her, saying officers couldn't arrest him and that he just lost his temper. His information turned up a felony body only warrant in Pierce County. An officer transferred the minor to River Falls and turned him over to Pierce County.

McDonald's melee

On Saturday, Feb. 17, officers responded to reports of an employee outside of McDonald's on Crest View Driver yelling for someone to come fight him. When police made contact, the man said men inside of a vehicle at the drive through were inciting and angering him. He said they were understaffed so he was frustrated with people being disrespectful. A license plate number from a witness did not match the description given of the vehicle.

Parking lot fight

Police broke up a fight in a parking lot at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 18. When police approached, most of the group scattered. One subject ran into the bar, and then out. He refused to identify himself to police. He began yelling and approached an officer, and was pushed back with a hand placed on the chest twice. After eventually identifying himself, dispatch advised the man was clear and he was ordered to clear the area.

No trespass notice

A no trespass notice was served to a man after reports of harassment of an employee at a business on Second Street on Wednesday, Feb. 21. The manager of the store reported the man had been giving an employee extra attention for some time, before demanding a hug from her on Wednesday, Feb. 14. The employee did not want a hug, but the man put his arms around her and hugged her. The man was seen waiting outside the business for the employee to open it twice. On one of these occasions, the manager told the man the employee was with her new boyfriend. That night the man emailed saying he would no longer do business with the employee. The employee said she found the man's actions creepy, and was concerned he could find her home address and show up. She was advised to call the police if he showed up at her home or work again. When served with the no trespass notice, the man said he had already decided not to go back to the business.