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Viewpoint: This is what teaching bigotry looks like

By Eden Penn, City of Hudson

For members in our community, the spring/summer pamphlet for classes from Hudson Community Education arrived in mailboxes last week. While I was paging through it, I spotted a course titled "Constitution Alive" in the special interest section. I had just read about the instructor, Robert Cizek on the cover of this past week's HSO, as he's running for a position on North Hudson's Village Board. I knew there was something else: On Oct. 2, 2017, Mr. Cizek, who publicly stated that he's a member of Citizens for the St. Croix Valley (C4TSCV), proposed a public resolution to the Hudson Common Council to teach the Constitution at City Hall. (River Channel,, starting at 5:34 min)

You may recall that early last fall a group of concerned neighbors proposed to the Hudson Common Council an inclusion resolution because of the Syrian Refugees debate and burning of a LGBTQ flag in a downtown Hudson neighborhood, among other things. After that, the Council was inundated with resolutions: first, a request that the City consider a resolution to not become engaged in sanctuary status; second, Mr. Cisek's request that the City consider a resolution for a course taught by C4TSCV on the Constitution; and third, a request that the City consider a resolution to respect life from its inception. The C4TSCV purposefully submitted multiple resolutions in a short span of time to oppose the "welcoming" inclusive one. As a result, the Hudson Common Council passed an ordinance prohibiting residents from coming forward with any such resolutions.

Mr. Cizek, a Constitutional hobbyist, "enjoys exposing people to the original intent of our Founding Fathers" and "how they designed our government to work," Dianne Joachim and C4TSCV brought Jake MacAulay to the Hudson House last spring for a workshop on the American View ( of law and government. Mr. MacAulay is one of the main spokespeople for the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), which offers the public IOTC education materials to implement instruction in their homes and communities.

He and the IOTC teach that, "There is a God. Our rights come from Him. The purpose of civil government is to protect and secure God given rights. This is the American View of law and government. It is also the Christian View. It is set forth very concisely and precisely in our Declaration of Independence. Under this Christian, American view, civil government is charged with two principle functions. First, civil government is responsible for protecting the integrity of our borders. Secondly, civil government is duty bound to administer the justice system. However, in making and enforcing laws, civil government is required to follow God's law as the ultimate standard to determine the validity of all earthly laws....". ("What is the Purpose of Government", Jake MacAulay, July 18, 2017)

Go to the American View's website to find out more about the exclusionary tactics that are preached there. I know that Mr. Cizek's class through Hudson Community Education will be taught with this intent. Its description found on page 23 omits a point of view and gives the notion that it'll be presented in a fair-minded manner. What's sad is the lack of transparency about what it's about. Our Hudson schools were accused by C4TSCV for proselytizing for Islam (HSO, March 2, 2017), which brought about an evaluation of how world religions are taught in the classroom, including a reduction in Muslim coursework. Now a representative from C4TSCV will be teaching a course on the Constitution from a Christian-only perspective that will condemn others. I can only hope that a Constitutional attorney or actual scholar enrolls to accurately guide his words towards our founding fathers intentions for the U.S. Constitution.