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HHS students coming back to 'a new school'

The rotunda, holding the main office and administrative offices (lower level) and media center (second floor), is shown from the outside. Seen behind the rotunda is the school's gymnasium and fitness area, including a new indoor track. 1 / 19
Newly-renovated classroom spaces include more open space between rooms that can be used for studying, smaller study rooms, and large glass doors that will allow teachers to supervise students studying in the hall, etc. Materials from the school's old bleachers have been used as well as part of the design. 2 / 19
Six laps around the indoor track will make one mile. Once construction is complete, and the school is open, the indoor track will be made available for community members to use during certain hours. 3 / 19
Shown is an area that will hold fitness equipment in the new fitness/ recreation facility. 4 / 19
New locker bays are being installed near the forum, and near the new main entrance to the high school. 5 / 19
The upper level of the rotunda contains the high school's new media center, complete with several study rooms, and more. 6 / 19
Six laps around the indoor track will make one mile. Once construction is complete, and the school is open, the indoor track will be made available for community members to use during certain hours. 7 / 19
Areas around the school that were originally courtyards had been transformed, in the past, to classroom space. Now, they are being turned back into courtyards.8 / 19
The new school entrance includes a window that will have a shatter-resistant film applied to the glass, and will allow staff to speak with visitors through the window before they fully enter the school. This is just one piece of the new, more secure, main entrance. 9 / 19
The forum space will be be a multi-use space, like many spaces in the newly-renovated high school. 10 / 19
The new upperclassmen lockerbay is shown from the school's second level. A "bridge" across the lockerbay, connecting one portion of the second floor to another is also shown. 11 / 19
The new main office space is shown, with new chairs. The administrative offices are located on the lower level of a rotunda near the main entrance. 12 / 19
A fence blocks off what was once an entrance to the school, as construction has necessitated the removal of both wall and doors in this area. 13 / 19
Administrative offices, located in the rotunda's lower level, will look much like this one. 14 / 19
Two sliding doors on the corner of this new classroom have been opened to create a more open space. The glass doors also allow teachers to supervise students in more than one location, if, for example, students are allowed to study in small groups in the hallway, or a study space outside the classroom itself. 15 / 19
The hallway on the upper level of the rotunda shows a view of some of the decor used in the newly-renovated portions of the school. 16 / 19
The school's new indoor track has windows that allow those using it to see out onto the school campus, including the football field. The indoor track will be open for members of the community to use during certain hours. 17 / 19
A classroom in the west wing is shown, which is still under construction. 18 / 19
19 / 19

When Hudson High School students come back to school on Sept. 10, it will seem like a brand new school, said Hudson School District Assistant Director of Community Relations, Tracy Habisch-Ahlin.

"To me, it's been a really exciting process just to see what we have worked on for years come to fruition," she said "I can't wait to be there when the kids come back and get to see their new school."

When school starts Sept. 10, the school will not yet be complete. The essential spaces, such as classroom spaces, will be ready, Habisch-Ahlin said, except for some classrooms in the West Wing, which will not be ready yet. The school will maintain some temporary classrooms to fill that need.

Construction is set to be mostly complete by the end of November. Some small items will remain to be completed after that.

Gretta Stark

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