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Letters to the editor: Ideas for paid parental leave

Ideas for paid parental leave


I couldn't agree more that we should put our money where our mouths are and provide national paid parental leave for U.S. workers.

I also agree that we should vote for representatives who make children and child rearing a priority.

Here's an idea, perhaps in addition to encouraging our representatives to quit prioritizing war, corporate welfare, tax breaks for the top 1% etc. they quit using our tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood (PP), a for-profit corporate giant that "sells" the service of making children dead.

PP has spent 2019 operating under a new mantra: abortion is health care. But perhaps we wouldn't have the most expensive healthcare system in the world if many health insurance plans and Medicaid (in some states) didn't cover abortion.

According to Bloomberg, middle- and upper-income workers are far more likely to have access to paid leave. VERY FEW low-income workers do.

If dollars currently spent by government and corporations on killing babies before they are born were spent on parental bonding after they are born, perhaps we'd be "putting it right" so that mothers and fathers, regardless of income, could have access to paid parental leave.

Like Mr. Bruch, I also have sympathy for Anna Jarvis' concern that greed and profit have dulled our real care and concern for the role of mothers (and fathers). PP's own Annual Report showed abortions, taxpayer funding, and profits soared while prenatal services plummeted. As far as PP's baby-related business: 4% directly helped bring babies into the world (adoption and prenatal services), 96% taking them out (abortion).

Perhaps if more mothers could access paid parental leave to bond with their baby, fewer would have to choose to help PP profit by UN-bonding from their baby.

Deb Hoffman


In praise of the SPLC & humanity


Our city of Hudson is the home of an official hate group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Independently, the SPLC studied the locally based group Citizens For the St. Croix Valley and found that their rhetoric and actions are consistent with other hate groups across America. Think about this? Our community has a group of people called out for teaching bigotry against people of other religions and races. How does that impact us? And what are we doing in response to it?

Regional communities that surround us are able to take healthy steps towards inclusion, while Hudson is stunted because of fear and intimidation generated by CFTSCV. The Stillwater school system has had a department for diversity and integration for 15 years, the city of River Falls has had an inclusion amendment for over a decade, and Woodbury school system has had Muslim teachers integrated into their community for years. Normal healthy steps towards cultural inclusion for our Hudson institutions are regularly derailed by fear of this group organizing a negative campaign that manufactures criticism and aggressive bullying.

We have been given a message of support by the SPLC, after deliberation on their own Hudson was identified as having a hate group that is not being helping humanity on the whole. We, as a community, must stand up to intimidation tactics and embrace religious differences, cultural challenges, and the love of humanity that takes greater understanding. Please ask your Hudson churches, organizations and groups to proclaim welcome and inclusion. If we do it loud enough and often enough, our hate group will become less intimidating and less powerful.

I know so many good people in Hudson and know if we stand together, love and inclusion can be the louder voice.

Tony Bol




Mexico will pay for the wall, China will pay for tariffs, both statements made by DT. But, the federal reserve and leading universities research states, the tariffs are costing the American taxpayers $3,000,000,000 per month.

DT is doing to the American taxpayers as he did with his foundation. Taking from everyone and giving it to the rich in his personal name, while deducting it as a donation.

The $3,000,000,000 per month costing the American taxpayers, because of the tariffs or tax, is to offset the tax break that was given to the rich. Russia and China are investing heavily into increasing agriculture development in their countries because of the instability of the U.S. markets. Once they have succeeded, the future for U.S. agriculture markets in those countries will be eliminated.

Trumpetter's gullibility, I would think and hope, would eventually reach its limit. As in the past, and as tension in the Mideast grows, young men will die to cover up old men's misdeeds to distract attention. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley