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Letter: Says Obama is best choice

Dear Editor,

If you're sitting on the fence about who to vote for come November, think about this -- the Republicans had control of the White House, Senate, House and Supreme Court for the last eight years and ran this country into the ground. The support team behind McCain is made up of the same leadership as the Bush administration.

Sen. Barack Obama chose for his path in life to help others. With his outstanding credentials after college, his choice could have been any large corporation or government office in the country. Instead, he chose to go back to his community on the south side of Chicago.

At age 24, Obama began working for the Developing Communities Project, a community-based group trying to help neighborhoods reeling from the steel-mill closings. He writes in his book, "I grew up to be a man, right here, in this area. It's as a consequence of working with this organization and this community that I found my calling. There was something more than making money and getting a fancy degree. The measure of my life would be public service."

This is why I am voting for Sen. Barack Obama. The choices he will make as president will be based on the lessons he learned as a young man making personal sacrifices to help people. I urge you to make the right choice in November.