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Letters regarding Obama for president

Backs Obama for president

Kenneth Tilsen, Hudson

Those who have an open mind and a concern for the future of the country and our community, particularly my Republican friends, should consider why there has been a virtual flood of Republicans endorsing Obama.

Perhaps you were not impressed when Scott McClellan, former Bush press secretary, or Chris Buckley, son of Bill Buckley and writer for their journal, Lincoln Chaffee, Susan Eisenhower, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Jim Leach, Richard Riordan, Bill Ruckelshaus and others endorsed Obama.

Also the endorsement of Obama by the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times is impossible to ignore. In the 161-year history of the Tribune it has never endorsed a Democrat. Not even when its own Adlai Stevenson ran for president -- twice. The LA Times has not made any endorsement since 1972. Why now? Both papers made it clear. Obama has not only the right ideas needed by our country now but he has consistently shown better judgment and temperament.

Add to these the most recent endorsements by Colin Powell and Ken Adelman. Wow! General Powell is surely our country's most respected and admired former military leader, and it was his position as secretary of state that brought universal trust and respect to otherwise doubtful positions. He knows both candidates for president well and he has advised them both. And he chooses Barack Obama because he trusts Obama. He points to his superior temperament and judgment.

However, the most surprising endorsement of the campaign must be Ken Adelman. He is a close friend of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. Adelman said he has never supported a Democrat for president in his life. He told the media "temperament and judgment" are the two main reasons for his decision -- two good reasons why thoughtful people should vote for Obama.


Disagrees with editorial

Kyle Amundson, Hudson

In response to this paper's editorial endorsement of John McCain, I offer a different view. Once and for all, let's put the Obama inexperience question to rest. If you asked any Republican who the greatest president was, chances are they would say Abe Lincoln. Indeed, this is a well-qualified answer, but who was Abe Lincoln? He was a lawyer from Illinois, beloved by his community as a tireless worker. He spent eight years in the state legislature, and was a one-term U.S. Congress member.

Sound familiar? Those are the exact credentials of Barack Obama. This goes to show that experience is not the vital ingredient required to make a great politician that we would be made to believe. John McCain's presidential hero is Teddy Roosevelt -- the youngest man to ever be elected president, at 42 years of age. A great president is someone who has keen insight, someone who can make the correct decisions with the evidence at hand, and someone who listens with an open mind to all of the advice before making a decision.

Obama may lack foreign policy experience, but he picked one of the best at foreign policy as his V.P. -- Joe Biden. Obama's approach of diplomacy first, and reaching out to other nations is a strong show of his humanity and his Christianity. There is no evidence or reason to believe the he and Biden will not answer every challenge.

I would agree wholeheartedly with your assessment that an undivided government (one run completely by one party) is not good. But this does not preclude the need to elect another young vibrant president (like Lincoln or Roosevelt) in Obama. Being a strongly independent minded voter, he has my vote.


Vote for Obama

Liz Malanaphy, Hudson

I realize it is presumptuous of me to assume that anyone out there wants to read about what I think. But out of love for my great country and fellow inhabitants of it, I'm compelled to write.

If you are an undecided voter, or on the fence, I ask that you consider the following.

Barack Obama is a presidential candidate like none I have ever had the chance to vote for. He has the ability and the desire to make America one nation again, indivisible and, yes, under God (whichever God you choose to worship or honor). This is the legacy of our forefathers.

As a great "melting pot" we can again reach across socioeconomic divides, across racial division, bridging age and gender gaps and uniting those of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. In electing him we will recognize that the ties that bind us together, our common ground and our humanity, are stronger than those things that have separated us for too long now.

Please consider all these things: our children and ourselves, our neighbors and friends, all of our different faith traditions, and the heritage of this great country which stand for liberty, justice and equality for all.

I hope you realize that there is only one candidate who can unite us all. Unity provides a hope and a strength that America has not seen or felt in a long time. This election can change that.

Please consider voting for Barack Obama.